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BM 710 corrosion warning

Oct 22, 1998
Last weekend, I took apart my trusty Axis lock. All I wanted was to remove some pocket lint and lube the pivot area. Underneath the G-10-scales, I noticed some surface rust blooming
. Fortunately, with a good oil and elbow grease, I could remove it, though some dark spots remain. Another good thing was that the Omega-shaped springs showed not a hint of rust, so there was no danger to the overall function.
My guess is that the tiny space between G-10 scale and liner acts like a capillary and can 'suck in' some moisture (The knife was used in the kitchen and rinsed with water). This may be a hidden problem with many folders that use steel liners.

Take care,
Tobse !
Thanks for the heads up!

I have an air compressor at work, so I usually "blow" the lint out of my Axis. But I do occasionally give it a bath (intentionally or not

I have yet had the courage to take mine apart. Any advice? Is it pretty simple to reassemble? And yes, I know it voids the warranty.

Reassembling the BM710 is a little more difficult than with a liner lock, for example - I was a bit nervous, too, and I didn't go ‚all the way', here's what I did :
  • started by removing the clip
  • Then I removed the two handle screws and the pivot screw
  • pushed out the pivot axis
  • Pulled the blade out (watch out for the two teflon washers)
  • Took off the scales
  • Pulled out the plastic back spacer
Both sides of the liners are accessible now, the pivot area can be cleaned and lubed etc.
Reassembly in reverse order - Sliding the blade, including the washers, back between the liners so that the D-shaped pivot axis can be pushed home is a delicate operation, though

Take care,
Tobse !