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BM 710 is $30 more than BM 190?

Jul 1, 2005
The BM 710 (D2 folder) costs about $30 more than the BM 190 (D2 drop point hunter fixed blade with sheath)...why is this? Don't get me wrong, I have a BM 190 (154CM) that I like very much...but it just seems to me that for two knives that are made of essentially the same material (except for the handle) shouldn't have such a discrepency in cost...plus, the BM190 comes with a leather sheath.

What am I missing here? Are folders that much more difficult and time consuming to make?
yes folders are more expensive to make than fixed blades.

i guess its the fact that ya have a lot tighter specs with a folder vs a FB.
I have always wondered about the same question, a custom folder of a 3-4 inch blade can go for around $300-$500.

With that same amount, you can get a custom FB of maybe about 4-6 inch blade length???

Is a folder that much more difficult to make to justify the much higher cost per inch of blade??
yes folders are more expensive to make than fixed blades.

Well, that's what I figured...so, I guess you get a lot more bang for your buck with a fixed blade...not to mention a stronger knife. I guess you have to pay for convenience.
the price isnt based on inch of blade.

a custom folder can go from $80 (greco falcon) to $10K (ron lake) and custom fixed blades vary just as much.

ya cant use blade length as a criteria for determining cost imho, thats determined by who made it, the demand for his stuff, then ya start factoring in material cost.

a production fixed blade would have a lot fewer steps to make it vs a folder which does require at least some hand fitting and a lot closer tolerances to lock up correctly,

but with custom stuff its all in demand, emerson folders run right around $1K to start while ya can pick up his fixed blades (which arent in as high a demand) for $300 or so.
More small parts, more assembly work.
More design work. (Gotta design each of those small parts.)
More machining (Machining is an expensive process, expensive equipement and time consuming. Time is cost. Have to pay for the machines and their maintenance.) It takes more time to machine a couple of small parts than to machine one bigger one.

Raw material cost differences are minimal compared to labor costs. If your worker makes $30/ hr, the burdened cost (overhead, benefits, etc) is over $100/hr.

Folders are more expensive to build.