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BM 710BT/BM 800 AFCK

Oct 3, 1998
I have just bought a 710 Axis Lock and a 800 AFCK and was wondering what you guys thought was the best pure fighter. To me (and I'm probly wrong) the AFCK seems more heavy duty than the 710.
Thanks guys,
Jim Smith
I would have to go with the 710 as the better fighting blade. To me it is stronger and the recurve makes it downright vicious!

Then again the AFCK has a more accute point and...

Hell they are both great knives!

The 710 is just better in many areas, lock up, ambidext and better made.

A AFCK with an axis lock and more rigid scales in M2 would be the dogs you know whats!


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I'd be inclined to think that the 710 is a better fighter due to blade shape. AFCK makes a nicer utility knife though, and I like it's handle more. If You were looking for a fighter, REKAT Sifu would have been a good choice.

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The AFCK's handle is much more secure, but the 710's lock wins hands down. The AFCK is/would be a great fighter, but no linerlock beats a 710. The best of all, however, would be an Axis AFCK. Maybe one of these days BM will wake up and make us one....

Forgot to mention, I have both and they're both great knives. I find myself carrying the 710 more, because I love the Axis lock, but either should serve well.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
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I think my Kimber 1911 and my 12 ga combat shotgun are better pure fighters.

So are my Brend Model 2 and my Broadwell Subhilt.

I like both my 710 and 800 as backup weapons, but consider them both utilitarian pieces.

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