BM 710HS difference between Pre-Prod & Prod?

Nov 7, 2000
What is the difference between a regular production BM 710HS and the pre-production run version (other than the "Pre-Production Run" and "xxxx/400" markings on the blade? Thanks.
as far as i know (i could be wrong) nothing.
my friend has a pre-production 710HS and it's exactly like his other 710HS

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Bertrand, thanks for replying. My pre-pro seem to have some kind of plastic spacer (I'm pretty sure it's not G-10).

Upon comparison with a 710 Axis (154CM satin blade) aluminum handled model, I noticed that the hollow bevel on the 154CM blade is ground slightly higher at the rear half than that of the pre-pro M2 version. (Does that make the pre-pro M2 blade stiffer by design?). I don't know if this is true when comparing the regular production 710HS vs the pre-production 710HS.

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