BM 730

Jan 16, 2001
I just got me a new BM 730 plain edge. THis is one sweet knife... anyone else own it? interested in how its performed with them up till now... of if anyone has oppinions
Yep. Had mine for a year or so. Really love it. Its a classic. Great looks, versatile blade design, great lock.
Excellent knife. Good overall ergonomics and blade size/shape. Great locking mechanism. It's a winner. It also appears that BM has come out with a couple of variations--a sure sign that it has been a resounding success.
Good luck with it!
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Richard M. French:
Other than the oil spill color theme on the handle it a great knife. </font>
Heh, I guess there's two kinds of knife people 'round here, those who see yet another black-handled knife and say "I wish there were some variety", and those who see colorful knives and say, "I wish it wasn't so colorful"
I love my 730BT, especially the handle colors and the sort of tiger stripe pattern formed therein by the handle contours.

One of the most ergonomic handles I've run across, feels very secure in the hand, it's somewhat sheeple-friendly, useful blade shape without being too long, terrific lock, very quick to open and close, and rides low in the pocket. What's not to like? I've found myself thinking several times that, "it's so good it's boring" (kept carrying it because I liked it best, but also craved variety).

Carried mine almost every day from June (when it arrived) until the end of December (when I got some other new toys). Looking forward to the 735's (Green/black handles), and hoping they deign to make a 735HS with an M2 blade.

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But there is a plain black colored handle BM 730. It is BM's april knife of the month.
They also make the 732 which has a black blade and handle.

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i own the knife pictured above, which for me is the april knife of the month and for someone else could be a regular 730. I always though benchmades were excellent qualilty, but when i lost one i was determined to try something new. Trying out all the knives at the local gunstore, about 25 different ones, nothing compared to the smoothness and quality of this knife, i had to buy it; my only regret now is paying a full 160$ for it.

Practice your swing opens, where you pinch the liner lock between your thumb and forefinger with the base of the knife in your palm, then swing away, open and closed. I'm not sure if this is a faster open than just using the thumb stud, i've also heard some folks say it puts more wear on the axis lock but i say NO.
Honestly, i like the color scheme.... i think its interesting yet not too flashy. Anyway, im curious what this knife is capable of. Anyone know any good ways to check this knives cutting performance without destroying it?
I'm a really big fan of the 730. I like the handle colors, and really like the overall ergonomics. The only complaint I have is that mine arrived really dull. I've worn socks that were sharper. It took me forever to get a good edge on it all the way to the tip, but now it seems to be cutting pretty well.

This is my first Axis-lock knife, and I must say I really like this lock. I think it's no coincidence that this is also my first Benchmade to arrive with the blade truly centered between the liners (no sideways pressure from the liner lock, and the washers are the same size on both sides of the blade). I also like the tip-up carry with the clip mounted at the very end of the handle for relatively deep pocket carry.

All things considered, it's one of my favorites. It replaces the mini-Spike as my favorite Benchmade.


I've been carrying mine for about, oh, 6 months now. I guess. Anyway, it is my favorite daily carry pocket knife. Other people have extolled its virtues, so I won't reiterate. As far as testing its performance without destroying it? Well, I'd suggest use it like you would any other knife, and its performance will become very evident in a short time, just like mine did.

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