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BM 770 Clip

Dec 30, 2000
Just acquired a 770. Nice little gentleman's
knife. However, I'd have preferred a black pocket clip. Called BM and they say none is available. Is there a durable, do-it-yourself method of blackening the clip? Since it's stainless it can't be blued and an anodizer charges a $35 minumum. If I can find a process that works, I'll redo clips on my other BMs and Spydies as well. Any ideas?
Shrink tubing. Sold in the electrical repair section of a home depot style store or Radio Shack.

Pick out a big enough diameter and overly long. Remove the clip, slip the tubing on, and heat. Let cool. Trim excess tubing and redrill/cut hole in tubing for screw.

Or try the black tool dip stuff in the paint section of the home warehouse store.


Phil, thanks for the reply. Was hoping for something a little more atttractive though. I may try something like Alumihide or other bake-on gun coatings.