BM 910 Stryker defect ???

Jul 4, 1999
When the blade on my brand new Stryker is in the full closed position, I am able to press down on the thumb-stud and move the blade down a fraction against its stop. It is almost like something wasn't machined correctly, and the blade doesn't rest against the closed stop.

Anyone else have this problem? Is this a defect that warrants send the unit back to the factory?

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Hey DH:

This one has been asked and answered many many times. This was one extremely common anomaly in the Stryker. I've got one myself and it did the same thing you've described almost since day one. I've had it for nearly 3 years now and it still works fine (doesn't look it though
). As a matter of fact, I can't think of anyone I know who possesses a Stryker that doesn't have that little quirk. Hope this alleviates some anguish.

Regards -- Shades
To me it seems not a machining but a design flaw. When closed, the thumb stud works as a stopper against titanium liner and G10 scale, which are much softer material than a steel stopper pin. If you remove the thumb stud the blade will hit the handle directly.

But as this is the way a Stryker was exactly intended to do, I doubt BM can/will fix it with or without its warranty.

Wish BM will modify its design, or give it an Axis lock! I love the blade geometry and ergo shaped handle.

\(^o^)/ Mizutani Satoshi \(^o^)/
Thanks guys! Maybe if we had the SEARCH ENGINE back (hint hint) I would've foung the thread. It's still anoying, but I'm glad nothing's wrong. The knife is awesome, and the blade is great. I guess if it were perfect, Spyderco would've made it! (Oops, did I say that? Sorry!)

I hope they don't redesign it too soon; I just bought both the Jr. and the full size within two days of each other. Guess that just proves I am addicted (Oh no, not that topic again!).

Thanks again guys.

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I have the M2 model and after some minor tweeking (locktite on the screws) it works very well!
Unless my stryker is a different design, it should stop on the forward pin when open and against the rear pin when closed. In the closed position the ball bearing "detent" should hold the blade to the rear pin with no movement. I make liner locks on occaison and I know all about this type of fitting!! I've been known to use foul language in the process of getting it right!!!
Benchmade claims to machine to .0005 inch tolerances!!! Being a machininst I wonder what this applies to on the knife...The blade and liner thickness or somthing more important like hole to hole dimensions and pin diameters,that control the entire fit of the kife! To lazer cut the Ti frames and blade and have everything come together and fit right they need to hold the .0005 tolerances on their hole locations, if they don't you have a loose blade or other problems.
I would return it! They are a very reputable company and should fix of replace for no charge. I have been very happy with my Stryker and AFCK!
This is not a design "flaw" so much as a design "feature" as we say. It was designed and built to work that way. More specifically the original design was that way. Instead of using the stop pin in both the opened and closed positions, the first Strykers used the ball detent to hold the blade off the back spacer when closed. There was a little tab on the liner lock bar, right at the back of the index finger cutout that was supposed to hit the thumb disk and keep the blade from closing past the ball detent and hitting the spacer. It was a less than gracefull solution. The new generation Strykers have either repositioned the stop pin so that it works for both open and closed positions, or added a second stop pin for the closed position, I can't remember. But anyway, that was how the first couple of production runs worked, and its fixed now. If it really bugs you, you could probably send it in and get it retrofitted (they woul probably just send you a new knife).

Thanks again, guys. I think I just may send it bask. If it were a CRKT (I do love my Wharncliffe Mirage) I could tolerate it, but for what I shelled out for G10 and Ti and ATS34, I expect tight fit and and crisp walk and talk.

I wish they'd make a Pinnalce Jr.!

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Speaking of the Strykers! I have one and absolutely love it. The action is smooth as silk the ergonomics are great. BUT my girlfriend has one that is ROUGH AS SH-T....The action is raspy, there is an inordinate amount of play in the blade, THe G-10 handle is so rough you could use it for a file! So whats the deal here? I know BM is capable of making better blades I own several and have no complaints. Is this just a Quality Control Slip-up or are BM knives headed down a slippery slope?