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BM 940 or the Chinese Folder

Feb 13, 2001
I can't deside which to get. I use my knifes to proform tasks usally done by a utillity knife with a throw away blade. (Cutting carpet string boxes) and sometimes I get a little ruff with it. What do you guys think?
Well, not sure what to say..

I had a Victorinox Explorer, i think i've been cutting almost every material with it...

If you buy a expensive knife, and it bite you a few times, you will get a strong "relationship" to it.

Most knives made today are made to be used. why use $100 on a knife and then throw it away in a drawer, and jist look at it some times. maybe shave off some hair from your arm..(Shaving hair is fun, no offence, but that should not be the main work for your knife..)

Read the other replies and make a finaly opinion trough them!!
I think the wide blade, handle angle, and flat grind of the Lum Chinese folder would make a great utility knife for you! The wide blade would probably help in cutting carpet as it would help keep the material separated.Get in line or start hunting though, I have a plain edge that is on back order and I think I am in for a long wait.<sigh> Be careful out there!
Thanks for the replies. Does anyone know if both of these knives have a double sided blade?
No double edges on either that I am aware of. The 940 has a swedge on the top edge if you are interested in blade penetration. Please don't buy a double edged blade for utility use, as it can come back on you in heavy use and cut ya! Double edged knives are the best fighters, but I don't like them for every day use! Be careful out there, man!
Sorry what I ment is both sides of the blade front and back rather than top and bottom. I have a blade which is only sharpened from one side and I find it less effective
OH! Sorry man!
You mean a double grind on the blade, not a double edged blade! The 940 has a double grind and I am pretty sure the Lum does too. A chisel grind(single grind) IS sharper but it wears away faster. A double grind is what you want in a utility knife! Sorry again and take care!

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Now that's a tough choice. They both are very nice knives.
The Chinese Folder is ground on both sides, is a flat ground blade, and is VG10. Which is a tough steel.
The 940 is ground on both sides also, has a reverse tanto design, and is 154CM. Also a tough steel. I think for the kind of cutting your going to do, the Chinese Folder with the flat ground blade may be the better choice. I would try to handle both, see which one "feels" right to you, and go from there. Good luck!

Of spiderco and benchmade which is the better company as far as backing up there knives?
Thanks guys!
Go with the Spyderco. They seem to pay more attention to detail and their customer service is great. For utility use, you might want to check out their lightweight models. I highly reccomend the Native.

Definitely the Chinese Folder!
Its a classy piece with an excellent blade geometry and edge design!


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I believe Spyderco is THE best manufacturer of knives. I have a Lum Chinese (#208).
A great looking knife a well made knife AND a great using knife.
If you haven't already, check out the Spyderco forums both here at BF and at the Spyderco.com site.


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It's not one sided KNIFE 11, I have the 940 and am getting the LUM (I HOPE SOON)! I bet many of the respondents have both too,(that's why we responded)! It's just that you said you wanted a utility knife and the LUM is perfect! If you would prefer a caper/skinning knife or gentleman's folder or even just a smaller blade, get the 940! You cannot lose this decision as you are buying quality either way! GOOD LUCK!