BM 940 or the Chinese Folder

Feb 13, 2001
I can't deside which to get. I use my knifes to proform tasks usally done by a utillity knife with a throw away blade. (Cutting carpet string boxes) and sometimes I get a little ruff with it. What do you guys think?
I would lean a bit more towards the Chinese folder if I had to pick. The wide flat ground blade has superior slicing geometry and VG-10 takes an incredible edge. The Chinese Folder is also a bit shorter overall than the 940 which might make it a bit less inconspicuous, but not by much since the blade is so wide. The Chinese is also a much thinner knife and bit lighter, I think. The 940, however, has the Axis Lock which is a so much fun to play with! Also, the the 940 rides much lower in one's pocket. If you really like Benchmade, you might also consider the 690, which is beautiful, or if you really love Spyderco and can wait a few months, the Vesuvius will be out in two months if Spyderco can keep its schedule.
The Vesuvius is an upcoming model from Spyderco designed by custom maker Frank Centofante. It features the new compression lock like that found on the new Gunting model. The first model due to come out in April will have a blue FRN (like Zytel) handle, and a 3 1/8" ATS 34 blade. That would make it about the size of the Lum Chinese and the Native.
I'll always take a Spyder over a Benchmade. And the Chinese Folder is a really well made knife in a very original and pleasing format.
I was actually looking at a Spyderco Lum model, and was liking most of what I saw until I noticed that the handles on the one I was looking at did not rest flush with the blade when open.

To clarify, I opened the knife, and looked point on at it. I noticed a gap on the bottom (edge side) of the blade on both sides between the handle and blade.

I realize it is a nit, but in particular I was looking at one in a knife shop in Hong Kong where the price was quite high, and I expected better. I haven't tested the knife at all, so my comment shouldn't be taken as related to performance at all. It is more of a fit and finish thing.

Out of curiosity, was I just looking at one bad one? Do any of you who own this knife see the same thing?