BM 940BT

Oct 9, 1998


I've had this knife for quite a while as well. It was given to me by Art Sigmon (thanks again).

Blade Grind Lines: This knife actually really amazed me with the grind lines. Everything matched up perfectly. I couldn't spot a single error in these grind lines. Grade: A+.

Blade Shape: This is a very classy looking "reverse tanto" point. It is slightly less pointy feeling than most tantos, and I feel they could have lowered the angle at the tanto corner a little bit to increase pointiness. Maybe the point of the reverse tanto is to look less threatening and more classy (no pun intended). Does a good job of looking nice, though! Grade: A-.

Blade Coating Durability: It's the usual BT2 coating. A decent amount of scratches and little marks after cutting cardboard a lot. Also, it was scratched on the sharpening table on the Edge Pro. Could be more durable, but its about what I'd expect from BT2. Grade: C.

Blade Centering: The centering of the blade in the closed position is very good, but slightly off. At the tip, I would say it leans to the left about 0.1mm or so. When I first got it, it seemed to be perfect, but after hard thumb opening pressure it seems to have become a tiny bit off. Grade: B+.

Blade Play: When at factory tightness, there is no blade play, but the knife gradually loosens itself quickly and develops a little bit of minor blade play. Grade: A.

Blade to Handle Ratio: Some knife designs like to maximize blade length for the space available in the handle. This knife does a fairly good job of it, but I felt they could have squeezed in a little bit more blade into the handle. However, this would require them to be more exact in making sure the blade doesn't tap the blue-violet anodized spacers. Grade: A-.

Opening Smoothness: This is one of the smoothest Benchmades I've handled. Most are above average smoothness, but this knife is above what is above average. Grade: A.

Handle: The hard anodize on the 6061-T6 aluminum handle is very well done. The color is beautiful and shape is very comfortable. Since this is an axis lock, it doesn't have some of the grip issues of the liner lock (strange shape to prevent the fleshy part of the finger from unlocking the liner lock in a tight grip). Traction is aided by nicely done traction notches in the recessed 410 stainless steel liners. Grade: A+.

Spacers: The spacers are made of 410 stainless steel and is anodized with a blue-violet pattern. It really looks very nice on the dark green aircraft aluminum handle. It seals off most of the back of the handle, but doesn't extend to the area over the axis bar. Keeps most of the pocket lint out, but still allows easy cleaning of the axis lock with a small cotton swab. Grade: A+.

Thumb Stud: Some people have said the Benchmade thumb studs don't give enough traction. Personally, I think they are very good thumb studs. They give good traction and don't tear my pants up. To be honest though, I think the thumb studs are just a tiny bit longer than they should be on this knife. I sharpen my knives at a fairly low angle, and the thumb stud actually gets in the way of the stone. As a result, I have scratched the smooth black coating on the thumb studs with the sharpening stones. Other than that, they work great. If you sharpen at the usual 20-degrees or more, then you'll be fine. But if you sharpen at 15-degrees per side like I do, then you might find it obnoxious. Grade: B.


Lock Mechanism: The axis lock is an extremely sturdy lock. I've beat it repeatedly against my knee, like I do to all my folding knives to test the lock (except the Opinel). No sign of failure. Axis bar won't budge. The only sign of wear on the lock and back of the blade is the coating on the back of the blade showing a mark where the axis bar pressed against it. Grade: A+.


Pocket Clip: I've always found Benchmade clips to have just the right amount of tightness and durability. The placement of the clips are usually very good as well. This knife pleased me very much with clip placement allowing the knife to ride lower on the clip in your pocket. Grade: A+.

Fit and Finish: I might offend Microtech fans by saying this, but I think Benchmade did a better job on handle's hard anodize with their 940. Not a single spot was missed in the anodize, whereas my Microtech had a spot in/around the lanyard loop hole where the anodize was not there. The only thing I have to complain about the fit and finish is already mentioned, the centering is only about 95% of perfect (I've already penalized them in the centering section, so I won't penalize them further in this section). Benchmade has done a beautiful job with fit and finish. Grade: A+.

Overall Product Grade: A

For the usual market price of about $100, this is a pretty darn good deal! Would have gotten an A+ if the thumb studs were a tiny bit shorter and the centering was perfect.

- Chang

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I have a BM 942 on order. I hope mine is as well made as the one you have. I can't wait until it gets here.
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How about these

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Alligator: Nice pics -- and Collection. Drool!!

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I've been carrying my 940 since September and it's still perfect and beautiful. Definitely a winner. If anyone reading this doesn't have this knife yet, you really do need it. Another plus for the 940 is that it's very elegant looking and sheeple friendly. I work in an office at a university and no one even blinks when I use it. And it's bigger than it looks. The long lines and thin handle make it look like a little knife, but it's not really little. Same blade length as, e.g., a large Point Guard or 812, but smaller looking and takes up much less pocket space.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
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Great review! I really like these little numbers; very well built, and they mark a new era for BM as they really seem a notch above other offerings in terms of precision fit and finish.

BTW, I'm pretty sure the spacer is 6ALV Titanium which has been anodized. Thanks again for the review.

Bravo Comrade!

Your review was short and sweet. It covered all the salient points. I thought the knife was worth the money and now I have corresponding confirmation. I will have to buy one.

Thanks again Comrade Mitin...errr...Serguisz Chang...hmmm, getting to be so many good reviewers around here!

Again, nice job CC,


Professor, are you sure it's a 6AL4V back spacer? I could have sworn it was 410 stainless steel. Thanks for the kind words.

John, the BM 942's are the ones with the black color anodized handles right? If it's the same knife, it will be very well made. Have fun with yours!

Gator97, nice collection of 940 variants! What are they sharpened on? The edges seem a little bit lower angle than Benchmade typically puts on their knives. Edge Pro?

Jason... Yeah, my 940 is fairly sheeple friendly too. No one has bugged their eyes out before when they saw it. I got a Cold Steel Desperado sheath knife on my desk somewhere. Never carry it outside, except like in my backyard for yard work (does real good for tough work, but hard to sharpen). Anyways, we had some friends over. One of the guys was an Emerson CQC-7 fan, so he wasn't a sheeple, but when he saw the Cold Steel lying on my desk, it scared him.

Currently, I don't carry stuff bigger than two and a half or three inches in blade length. I can only carry a pocket knife on weekend days as well (I'm a student still, so no carrying pocket knife on weekday). The CRKT KISS (little guy, about 2.4" long in blade length) and my little French made Opinel pocket knife with a similar tiny blade is my choice for carry. I wear the 940 around at home a lot though.

Steve-O, thanks for the encouragement! Much appreciated. Go buy that 940 Osborne... very well made pocket knife.
According to BM's catalog, the spacer is Ti. And I don't think that SS can be anodized. It's the liners that are 410 SS.

This knife is definitely worth the money.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
"To give is a need, to receive is mercy." - Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Chang, great review. I've got two of the blue ones-10/00 KOTM. One gets carried regularly, and the other's NIB (spare).
The handles do show wear, but the anodizing is tougher than I'd expected. Lot's of small scratches (like from rivets on jeans) are really just marks on the ano, which is very hard, and they scrub right off.
My pivot screw backed out pretty quickly, but got Loc-tited, and hasn't been any trouble since.
Fit and finish on the one I carry is outstanding. The only tiny detail being that a couple of the screwheads are not perfectly centered in their little countersunk holes (carried the knife for two months before noticing that).

btw, I give BT2 an F-, and my blue 940 an A+ (no coating, and the blade is still centered
Looking forward to seeing the 942.

I thought I'd mention about the blade centering issue. To be more precise I carry mine for more than 6 months now and it's perfectly centered. the green handled 940S, on the pic. I'm carrying the same 940S as my EDC, was interested how the handle anodizing would stand, and the knife overall too.
Donno, on my 940S there are no wear marks on the handle. The blade is quite narrower now, for that I was experimenting with different angles and double/single bevels
at 21 degree it chipped couple times when cutting the wire, so finally I've decided to go with double bevel, 18/23.

Have Fun,

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