Oct 27, 1998
I have the chance to pick up a BM970st(titanium blade) quite cheap and I'd like to hear from anyone who has one and used it. How does it cut and is it comparable to any of the well known knife steels? How hard is the blade on the rockwell scale? The action on the one I have seen is very course, does it wear in over time? How does it compare to Mission's MPF in the cutting department? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
I have owned this knife for about 2 years. The action never gets much better and always will remain gritty. The titanium also doesn't hold an edge nearly as well as most decent steels.

The only reason I would consider recommending this knife is for collector value or for use in really corrosive environments. According to Benchmade the knife was designed for a military branch that required what was basically a non magnetic crowbar that had some cutting ability.

I purchased mine to keep in the storage compartment of my Sea-Doo which is used regularly in salt water. It has held up perfectly as far as corrosion goes and although it has been flicked alot I haven't really cut that much with it. Edge geometry is of course identical to the standard CQC-7 and therefore in my opinion not really that great as a utility knife.

Hope this helps.

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The main reason I like the MPF so much is not only for the corrosion resistance but for the thick solid handle and Integral lock of this tough knife. Once you get the hang on sharpening it, it is no big deal. I guess I prefer sharpening more often than worrying about corrosion.

The size of this knife is exactly what I do prefer as well.

The Benchmade Knife with the Ti blade I haven't experienced but I am pretty sure the edge holding ability is about the same as Missions MPF1-Ti. It holds an edge about the same as 440A does.

If I remember correctly, Cliff Stamp was geting an MPF to test, haven't seen anything posted though. Maybe it's on the DSIGD list.

YES,it is sharp, just keep your fingers out of the way!

I am getting a MPF, however it will be delayed awhile because I want a non standard blade (no serrations). I expect it in 4-6 months. It will be interesting to compare its lock against the Uluchet's.


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There is really no comparison between these two knives. The BM's blade is made out of 6AL 4V titanium which is relatively weak while the MPF's blade is made up of Beta Ti which is considerably stronger and also a little harder due to more alloying.

The tensile strength is around 150 ksi for 6Al4V and around 240 ksi for beta ti. Rockwell hardness is higher for the beta, but both are still low. Edge holding on my MPF is comparable to the softer stainless steels like 440A etc. The BM has a thinner edge due to it's chisel grind so it gives the impression of lasting as long. It also has some sort of tunsten carbide coating on it that improves edge retention. These coatings are good for chisel ground blades since they remain right up to the edge on one side while you grind away the other during normal sharpening.

They are really two different classes of knives. The BM is designed for those who cannot afford to go to the MPF, and it is good at what it does. The MPF is just a step above.