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BM AFCK Quality Question

Mar 13, 1999
Okay I've read reviews of each, and I'd like to get the EDI Genesis over the AFCK. BUT FIRST I'd like to handle it. I can't find it anywhere, whereas I have found, handled, and liked the AFCK. If I can't find the Genesis, I'll get the AFCK, unless I hear from you all that the Genesis is worth mail ordering unseen/unhandled.

If I remember, the AFCK has a plastic liner? Is that right? How could the AFCK get such a great following with plastic liners? Are the plastic liners really a wear concern? Or are they real tough?

Is the EDI Gen really that much better, that the AFCK is just not considered anymore?


Never handled the Genesis though I like the looks and heard good/great reviews on it. I have the AFCK with the ATS34 blade and like it a lot. Those here "in the know" think the AFCK with M2 black coating is even better. But you would have to pay more than the $85-95 for the ATS34 model. This is still less than the Genesis I think.

Don't know what you mean by "plastic liners". THe AFCK has G10 handle scales over steel (?titanium) liners that sandwich the blade. The metal liner lock is a great design, recessed into the handle to minimize "white knuckle" disengagement. From blade tip to handle end, the AFCK forms a curve. Couple with the blade belly, the AFCK is a great slasher. It also has a good point for penetration.

Minor points. I like the lower riding clip design of the Genesis. I like the "spydie" hole of the AFCK which allows a smooth draw from the pocket.

Both knives are good/great. The Genesis has positive reviews and "new appeal". The AFCK has been around for awhile -- for good reason. The latter is less costly though.

Can't go wrong with either. It's a matter of personal appeal.

Well, the first thing off the top of my head is that you can buy from a good dealer who will let you return your knife if you're dissatisfied for any reason. So go buy your AFCK and exchange with the dealer if there's a problem. Or buy the Genesis and exchange it if you don't like it.

But if you're going for the highest probability of getting a knife you like the first time:

Both the Genesis and AFCK are great knives. Neither company is perfect, so any knife could have a defect. I've found AFCK quality to be very good, but have heard enough complaints here on the forum that I understand your concern. However, since you can actually handle the AFCK you're going to buy, you can check it over before buying. Since you know already you like the AFCK, that's a fine deal.

The Genesis has some advantages and disadvantages versus the AFCK. It is nowhere near a clear-cut winner over it, in my opinion. Furthermore, if you can talk to some dealers who will tell you the straight scoop, you may hear about more Genesis problems than AFCK (I have). It's a newer knife from a newer company, so that's the be expected.

Anyway, the other advantage of buying a knife you can handle is checking the liner lock. Buying a liner lock without handling it first can be a crap shoot for sure. You're picking two good knives, but if you can handle it first you stand a better chance of getting a good one first try.

One minor correction. The spacer, not the liners, on the AFCK is plastic. I cannot imagine that the spacer is of much concern as far as wear goes.

Thanks for your helpful info everyone.
Went to a distant knife store today and they had both! Boy, what a difficult decision! Finally took home the EDI. The G10(?) handle material was a little too smooth on the AFCK, The EDI handle has a little rougher texture (in a good way). Also, I liked the deep pocket clip. Finally, to me, the genesis' blade looked less menacing than the AFCK's. Important to me because I may use it occasionaly at work.

Quick question: was the store where you handled the EDI a chain store? Because, like you, I cannot find a place anywhere that stocks them. I finally had a chance to handle a AFCK over the weekend (at Galyans, go figure), but no dice yet on the Gennie.

I too am stuck between AFCK and Genesis, and I refuse to make a choice between the two until I have handled one of each. Of course, I could easily adopt the answer that is oh so common on this forum: just buy both.


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Yes, I got the Genesis at a store called Chesapeake Knife & Tool in Maryland. They used to have lots of stores, but over the years, many of them have closed.

I paid $145 for it, knowing that this is a high price compared to some internet prices. But I DON'T want this store to go under. I strongly prefer to handle before purchase.

Good Luck!
$145!!!??? WOW!!! No way man!!! I mean, it's your money and all, but an Auto Stryker is only $140, or two Pinnacles, 2 Strykers, 4 Ascents with some change. Oh well...N E way, I hope you enjoy your knife. Take care -AR
Well....I cheated...I got dealers in the family. Actually they're $75 a piece. -AR
Highly recommend AFCK which I carry daily. I open the knife a lot and have not noticed any loosening due to the "plastic" bearing washers. I believe they are actually teflon. Anyone know for certain on that point?

Do not know much about the Genesis.


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I think the AFCK is the better of the two.

I have been reviewing a Kasper AFCK, and it is so nice.

I also have a M2 AFCK.

If it gets the Axis lock I will be in hog heaven.

The EDI Genesis will show more penetration resistance due to the drop point as opposed to the long straight clip of the AFCK. The EDI has those two stage structures are in the index area, not comfortable in guerilla grip. While the low ride clip provides some benefits, it has not won me over yet.

Weigh in with your thoughts on the Worker 2000.

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper. Sorry about the wait, my review and interview should be online shortly, look for it right here at BladeForums.com. The delay has been getting pictures, luckily Spark has graciously offered to do the pictures. Knife writer I may be, photographer I am not, yet.

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Penetration Resistance? In what?

MD, go get a side of beef and stab them with either knife. Then let me know if there is any "penetration resistance" with either one.

The AFCK vs. The Genesis is apples and oranges. personally I prefer the deep pocket clip and far better handle/blade ratio of the genesis. I do own a bunch of used AFCK's, and a bunch of genesi so I speak from experience (all the AFCK's with broken tips, BTW)

What you will find if you do an actual comparison of the two is that the thinner genesis edge profile actually cuts better than the AFCK, and the broader tip is less likely to break. I prefer the genesis thumb studs myself.

Oh, when you are talking with Bob say "hi" for me, last time I checked he was carrying a Genesis.


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