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BM Ascent

May 1, 2000
I just received a BM ascent. I got for $35 on Ebay. So far I am really impressed with the knife. I am trying to figure out why they are going for so little money. Is there something wrong with these knives that I should be looking out for?
I have one and it's a good knife. It's pretty underrated though. Which size do you have? I have the largest one and I carved down the first finger notch w/ a file. It holds much better now, and it is very easy to do. You can count on Benchmade to produce a good knife. A lot of people don't like the ascent's handle shape. (but the quality issue has never been a question)

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I also have the biggest one, it is almost too big for daily carry, I'll probably just carry it on weekends, my workplace is very liberal and I would scare the hell out of someone if I ever let them see it. So far I love it, will be looking for the smaller size also.
A friend of mine has one of the medium-sized Ascents and it is pretty-cool but the lock-up has gotten loose on it. I'm pretty sure he's been throwing it though...
I would think the Ascent is as strong as any zytel handled lockback, i.e. Spyderco Endura, Cold Steel Voyager, etc...

I own both the Ascent and the Endura and I think the lock is much stronger on the Endura. One nice thing about the Endura is that the blade doesn't start to loosen if you start to press the lockback in like the Ascent.

I really like the shape of the Ascent, but I think the lock is too far in the middle of the handle because when I grip it, it starts to disengage.

Now only if they made it with G-10 and titanium liners, I would like it better than my AFCK.

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I've never any of the problems David described, and I would suggest to him (and Fred) to try choking up or down on the handle, as this knife seems to be amenable to different holding positions.

Also, Fred, let me know if you want me to try to get a picture of my "carved" Ascent. I don't have a scanner, but I think my Dad has one. It hold much better than the normal version. And my hands are medium size. Also, send me your email address (if you don't mind) I'm not a computer whiz and I hear it's easier just to send pics via email.
Ascents are decent knives for the money, but pale in comparison to the Endura. My opinion, of course. The Endura in general seems to be better quality. Not to take away from the Ascent, but the Endura amazes me in terms of value.

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