?????BM AXIS LOCK 705, 710, or 720?????

Aug 30, 1999
I am going to buy one of the above. Because it's a neat knife and I'm left handed.I do not hear much about the 720 but it's in between the 705 and the 710 in size (blade/overall 2.95/6.75, 3.25/7.62, and 3.90/8.80)and it has a nice Mel Pardue blade. I would like some comments especially from members who have the 720. Also, does anyone know what blades are going to be released next with the axis lock. I guess I will have to buy one of each (plain black blades).


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I just bought the Mel Pardue 720 and really like it for its size and fine finish. This one has the black blade with about an inch of serrations. It fits nice in my hand and I like the Axis Lock. The clip can allow either tip up or down but only has screws on the one side. If you have it set up for the left hand it will be tip up. It is number 694/1000 of the first production run and cost $135 at the local mall. I'm really happy with it.

Ah.....fellow LEFTY
. I have owned two 710, and have handled the 705, and 720. After a while I decided the 4" blade on the 710 was a bit too long and started going to 3" blades (good general user). Given a choice of the three you listed, IMHO, I would take the 720 Pardue. I found the 705 a bit on the small size (2nd choice). If primary purpose is defense, then go with 710. Plain blades all around of course
. No idea what BM plans with axis locks in the near future.

Have you considered the Spyderco just came out with a LTWT Calypso Jr w/ 3" VG-10 blade - ambi tip DOWN, zytel handle: IMHO this one should be SWEET. Rekat Pioneer is another very nice STRONG knife w/ Rolling Lock

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I am also lefty. I much prefer tip down carry, but I WILL be purchasing the 705. It is a sweet knife. The 710 is a bit large for my daily carry desires. I like the 705/710 handle egonomics and blade style better than the 720.

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I haven't, and won't, buy a 720 since until it's not unfriendly to lefties. I do have several 705 and a 710, all of which are absolutely great. Most of the time a 705BT is in my left pocket, but for heavy use the 710 gets it's turn.

THese are great knives, and until a left-handed 720 is available, I continue to suffer <G> with a 705/710 combo.


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Codeman, just lose that clip and the 720 is as lefty friendly as they come
and less likely to be lost.


I have had a 705 for a couple of months and I like it very much. I use it at work every day. It has almost a full spacer and it is very solid. I won't need another knife until Spyderco comes out with a small plain Centofante in 440V
Hey, why not a Sebenza?

Just kidding. Not a BM fan but been eyeing the 705 myself -- but maybe the handle's *too* small? (710 is just too big -- past 3.25"-3.5" go fixed blade, IMO)


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Now that Benchmade is into the regular production runs, you can't go wrong with any of the Axis lock knives. The latest ones have a wonderful fit and finish . I wish I had not been so quick to buy preproduction knives. I think the 720 Mel Pardue is really sweet. athe 705 is a really nice pocket knife if you need something small and inoffensive.