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BM Axis Lock 720



I looked back through the last month's posts and couldn't find much on the new BM Axis Lock model. I did manage to find one at a local knife store though and just had to get it. I have the 710 and love it. Here are my first impressions:

BLADE - the size is great for me, it is a 3.25" clip point, .115" thick and quite wide. The blade has a lot of belly and appears to be quite sturdy as it is wide and carries a lot of meat towards the tip. Mine was very sharp right out of the box and so far seems to cut very well.

HANDLE - is very solid, made of 6061-T6 aluminum. I don't care much for the very pronounced hump at the butt end of the knife where the blade closes, I'm sure it was placed there to add more stability when gripping the knife. The handle fits my hand fine but just barely. I think it may be somewhat uncomfortable for users with larger hands.

LOCK - Axis Lock, enough said.

POCKET CLIP - came placed for tip-down, right hand carry. There are extra holes drilled in the handle so that the clip may be moved for tip-up, right hand carry. When carried tip-down the knife sits very low, if converted for tip-up carry it will stick up somewhat more. HOWEVER, there are no holes drilled so that the knife may be carried tip-up or tip-down for left handers. I am not left handed but I think this is a mistake since one of the great things about the Axis Lock is its built -in ambidexterity.

OVERALL - I really love this knife. It feels very sturdy and should stand up to just about any use. The size of the knife is great it should be very functional but not scare the masses. I plan on carrying this knife a lot, I guess I can give my 710 some rest for a while.


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Hey Travis,

You own both the 710 and 720 Benchmade models. What one do you like better? I have a model 910 stryker, and was considering getting one of those. Got a preference?
Nice review tek.

I handled the 720 and 705 (is this called the Pardue?) the other day. I have two 710 Axis knives (let me remind you that I had to send BOTH knives back to BM for the blade hitting the plastic spacer - turn around time was 5 just over 5 weeks door to door). Both of the knives were a lot smaller than I thought they were going to be. IMHO, the 705 is dinky in my medium sized hands. I liked the 720 better - thin and comfortable lines, not a big knife either.

It was good to see BM making smaller sized knives in the 3" range. Drag that they didn't bother to drill/tap the otherside of the 720. Fit and finish on both were very good on the two I saw.

Given a choice of the knives, which one would I take? Hmmmmm...NEITHER - give me a Spyderco any day, or a REKAT. Don't get me wrong, the axis lock is a strong design, and ambidexterous (when they drill/tap the other side). I am just kind of disappointed w/ BM right now. Just my two cents worth
I have not had the 720 long enough to determine a preference but here's what I have noticed - I like the handle of the 710 better, I think it is a little more ergonomic and comfortable but I like the overall size of the 720 better. Both knives are very well built and solid so I think everyone will have to decide for themselves which they like better depending on the size knife they need. Also, I would think anyone who has very large hands or is left handed would prefer the 710. If you like the Stryker you will love either one of these knives.

Maddog2020 makes some interesting points and on some accounts I agree. I think the 705 is somewhat dinky as well and never much cared for it. Also, I think Benchmade does still have some QC problems. My opinion of Benchmade seems to change everytime I pick up one of their knives and that is sad to say. My advice to anyone buying a Benchmade would be to give the knife a good once over before you purchase it. The 720 (which is the Pardue) I have is a good one - the blade is sharp and centered in the handle when closed, the blade does not appear to be striking the handle when closed (and that is a good thing on the 720 because it is aluminum and not just plastic back there).