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Oct 27, 1998
A couple of questions regarding the Axis Lock. Does it have full liners or are they just around the pivot end of the handle? Now that the Axis Lock has been out for a while has it been living up to expectations and have any problems become apparant yet?
I've spoken about the Axis ad-nauseum, and won't repeat it all here. Suffice it to say, the axis locking mechanism itself has definitely lived up to my expectations, and the Axis knife as a whole has surpassed them -- and the more I carry and use it, the better my opinion gets.
The Axis is pretty good..the liners are actually skeletonized. I have thrown mine into 3/4" plywood and stuck the point through the other side...it held up, and the lock is still tight...can't ask for much more, maybe an actual 1/8" thick blade and a beefier tip...

Man, Yek! You know throwing knives are made for that kind of fun, don't you? Hehehe.

I'm no less than amazed at how durable the AXIS is. Last time I went to the knife shop I stood and talked to the clerk while he repeatedly flicked his display AXIS. I mean he really flicked it hard at least 20 times. I asked to examine it expecting to see some damage. There was none, and lockup was totally solid.
One of my favorite things about the AXIS is that it doesn't matter how hard or soft you open it. It doesn't get stuck like a liner lock when someone like the clerk beats on it, and it doesn't accidentally unlock if you open it gently.

I never know when I might have to toss a knife at a wild cabin-eating squirrel, and I feel confident that my Axis is up to the task in a pinch.

Speaking of flicking...I think I have flicked mine several thousand times now..pretty hard too. Full force wrist flicks, thumbstud initiated inertials, lockrelease snapopens, etc...it still locks up solid...no obvious peening, and i haven't noticed any lock travel...Not to mention the 20 or so smacks on the spine...

And to think, all of this abuse while just playing...

I've using mine for some time time now and it still locks like a new one.It's been sharpened many times.It see's use every day.I was thinking I would like a thinner point like an AFCK.It would be better for my uses.The only other thing is I made the mistake of buying the BT2 one and found out that that stuff does'nt hold up for a daily utility blade.It is very scuffed up and worn away on about 1in from the tip back.What was I thinking.Maybe they could just start putting the coating on in the pivot/tang area to keep the corrosion out of the hard to get spots.
scott w