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BM Darkstar 880, Comments?

Jul 2, 2000
I got one recently. It's such a cool knife. Nice spearpoint blade. I had a sentinel before, but I think this knife is superior to it. Although I wish BM kept the blue liners. Would the 880 make a good duty knife? How strong is it? I prefer it to the other knives I've carried in the past. That is till my SERE 2000 comes this week. then I'll probably need to make this desision again. What do you all think?
The Darkstar is one such knife in the Benchmade line that has me puzzled as to why they even bothered to bring out. I have a Sentinel, and it's a very nice looking piece. I understand that the knife wasn't a good seller for BM, possibly due to the many complaints about the harsh edges of the handle. Before I knew it, out come the Darkstars. Essentially, same knife, but different handle material. If it wasn't a good seller, then why didn't they just scrap the entire design and go with another Elishewitz design?? This is kind of along the lines of unscrupulous grocery stores who take bad meat and scrape/cut off the spoiled parts, repackage it and put it back out into the cooler for sale again.

Though, I am not saying that it isn't a well made knife...it is. But I've never really understood why BM kept the design in their line.

IMHO your new SERE 2000 will make a much better buty knife than the 880.

Just my two cents worth...

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My initial impression would be that the tit. edges would be uncomfortable and wear through clothes, but it has done neither. It is the only BM that I own, so I can't compare it to other BMs. Now as you guys, I'm looking forward to the SERE 2000 that (I hope
) my girlfriend is getting me for Christmas

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This summer I was debating whether to get a Sentinel while I could or get an Axis locking knife. I tracked town a Sentinel and bought it and am VERY happy with it. I DID NOT want a dark star, as I think they are kinda ugly. Too much tac-black in the knife world for me! Those blue liners are sexy looking.

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No, I have absolutely no comments about the BM Darkstar 880. Wasn't that the enemy space station from Star Wars?



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For those wishing for the improvements from
the Darkstar with the look of the Sentinel:
885 August 2000 "Knife of the Month" gives
you the split black scales (G10, however, not
aluminum) against the anodized blue liners.

There are definite improvements between the
875 and 880/885 (the thumbstuds don't serve
as stop pins, for example) but I do love the
look of my 875 - very classy and I dig those
Elishewitz spearpoints (bought a 730 too).


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I personally like the design of the Darkstar, Handle doesnt fit my hand perfectly, but seems to be well manufactured and designed. I also have a Sentinal in my collection, and yes there are many improvements, but they are both nice knives. Would I chose it for my daily carry and "beat up" knife ? mmmmmmmm, probably not. Benchmade has many other heavy duty knives to fill that role.

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True enough... A non-knife friend of mine has
recently been sucked in after seeing my work
730S, he now has a 722S that he loves like no
other object. He has called it the best work
knife he's ever owned, and I can't fault that
claim! It's a solid working piece and the tip
looks like it could pierce concrete and come
back for more.