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BM Doug Ritter Full Griptilian S30V & Protech Cambria Flipper

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Nov 11, 2018
Benchmade Doug Ritter Griptilian - RSK MK1
Full size - S30V
Does not come with original box, however does come in a blue class BM box
$180 TYD - Like new in box

Protech Cambria CF03 - Black/Black
$150 TYD New in Box

Benchmade Emissary 470-1
- Excellent condition, knife only, snappy and sharp, lightly carried

Benchmade Mini-Griptilian 556-1 w/ G10 & 20CV steel
- Excellent condition, knife and box only, lightly used and carried

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If you have any interest in a bnib benchmade bugout its the one with od green scales and coated blade an gold thumb stud and this has good quality control from benchmade its centered with great action and even factory edge if any interest please text 2564193376 an I can send pics thanks.
My email is **@gmail. New to posting and paying please advise. (Can’t PM) Also, never held the Emissary: what’s your preference btw it and the mini g?
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