BM Drop point Ascent opinions

Oct 4, 1998
I`m half heartedly looking for a replacement for my old BM Panther. It`ll be used as a real work knife and ocassional casual wear companion. I`ve found that the Panther`s geometry and edge holding leave something to be desired and the liner lock`s failed on me once ot twice. The Drop point Ascent has the thumb studs I prefer,ATS34 which isn`t bad and a nice flat grind,so I`m considering it but haven`t heard much about it. Marcus

I personally prefer the hole version but if you must have the stud you will be satisfied and the price is right. They should call it something else though since the blade grind is different. For all round general purpose cutting you will do OK. If you like Benchmade and want to stay in the line I would move up to the AFCK series for a stronger knife. Again though you will have the hole.

You may also want to look at a plain version Cold Steel Voyager.

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Mike Turber
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Thanks for the input Mike. I`m really trying to get away from liner locks though and holes just don`t seem to work for me. I have big hands and calloused finger/thumb tips,maybe this contributes to not getting much traction from blade holes. Also for a work knife it`s got to work for me when my hands are greasy ,so a stud or a disc is a must. My thinking was that the flat ground drop point should out cut the saber ground AFCK also (all other things being equal). Mostly I don`t wanna spend $100 on a knife that`s going to be abused on a daily basis. The Voyagers are okay but they lack the flat grind, better steel and I`ve found the clips break far too easy for my taste. I`m open to other suggestions though.