BM Leopard Cub - I'm impressed

Oct 2, 1998
I just received a clear (silver) BM Leopard Cub from James Mattis today. I got it as a gift for my father-in-law. He carries a Spyderco Delica for everyday light utility use, so I thought I'd get him something that would fit in a little better at the office, parties, etc...

After applying a little Tuf-Glide, cycling it open and closed a few (hundred
) times, and just generally handling it, I'm pretty impressed with this knife. I like the drilled aluminum handle's classy looks and feel. The little drop-point blade seems perfect for most everyday office-type chores. I'm thinking about getting one for myself.

Anybody else out there carry one of these on a regular basis? What are your thoughts?

Kelly, my thoughts exactly. One of the reasons I nominated the Cub for best folder, it is so handy, I always carry it. Reguardless of what else I carry in addition.

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Get yourself a Leapard Cub buddy.
They are a true "must have" classic.
I like them so much that I have two of them.
Both look like the one you gave your Dad, but one is partially serrated and one is plain.
I like the plain one best. I don't find myself in a position to cut alot of rope these days, and serrated edges really do a job on fruit and cheese.
How are you liking that REKAT Pioneer ?
Merry Christmas.
BTW, these are GREAT little knives without the clips.

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Hi Kelly - The Leopard and Leopard Cub are two Benchmades destined to become classics. As you may/may not have already found out, they are going to pull the plug on these knives in '99 so if you are planning on getting a Cub for yourself, better make your move soon while the picking is still good

Dexter Ewing
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Bill, glad to hear that you like the Cubs. Should I be suprised that you like the Cub better without the clip? LOL (BTW - do you have an extra black BM clip available? The one on my 3500 isn't quite right.)

I still haven't wrapped it yet - I'm too busy flickin' that blade open and closed. I'll wrap it just before going over to their house this afternoon.

The Cub has the best detent of any knife I've held. There's no way that thing is gonna open until you want it to. It also has on of the best liner locks I've seen. It really snaps into place. There's no blade play to speak of, and the liner locks up solid (unlike my mini-AFCK.) I'm not going to be chopping wood with it, but for the normal everyday chores I have, it's perfect.

Hey Dex - thanks for the heads-up on its discontinuation. I wasn't aware of that. Hmm... Looks like I'll have to pick up a couple of these things.

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Is this sickness never going to end?

Glad you like the knife!

On discontinuations, the word I heard was that Benchmade was going to discontinue both the large Spike and the small Spike (drat!), and the large Leopard (drat!), but leave the Leopard Cub in the line. Yes, it's a classic.


Yes,it is a really fine piece of work. I have one of the blue anodized handle Cubs, I couldn't imagine a nicer looking folder for the price. I haven't handled the larger version yet, but I'll bet it is every bit as nice as it's little brother.
I have the CRKT pseudo-cub, and it's great. I worked with it all summer(day camp) and never had a problem cutting rope or anything. I can't imagine how much better it would be with a real steel blade. Amazingly good lockup for a $35(retail) linerlock.
ps it's been replaced by a stryker, but I keep it for flicking fun

I recently visited some new friends on their ranch. The wife showed me her carry knives, which she WAS carrying. A BM 625 and 612.
She told me she could skin a pig in 15 min with the 625.

She is a 'flipper.' Both knives were incredibly battered, the blade nearly touching the scale on one side, and both stop pins had come loose. But they still worked, and she didn't realize anything was wrong with them!

I am replacing her knives with new ones, and she is sending the old ones back to BM for refurbishment. I am amazed that anyone could do a good skinning job with a blade which has so little belly, but think that the reason has to do with the person holding the knife! These knives are rugged! Walt