BM lrg nimravus or cuda lrg cqb

thinking about picking up one of these for my first fixed blade
just wondering if any opinions could be had by owners or critics of these 2 blades. i know the style may not be the most practical for my uses but i love the style of both of these models
any info, input greatly appreciated.
May 27, 2000
What will you be using it for? I hav a cub and can tell you the Nimravus makes a good utiility knife.

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I too will state here that although BOTH knives can hold their own, they are clearly for two different things.

I have a Mini Nimravus, and it is a VERY GOOD utility knife. The bigger one would only better in larger applications. I used that knife ONLY for a small camping trip, and it held up beautifully! Plus, the larger one, with practice, "could" be an adequate defensive tool.

The CUDA is a fighting knife, clear and through. Although it may suprise you as to how it holds up in the field, I would rather keep it razor sharp, and designate it solely as a "flesh-fighter." It is nice, and the handle is full tang, unlike the Nimravus, and the Micarta is SWEET. Not to mention...the Rig it comes with is awesome, as opposed to the horrible setup the BM comes with.

I still feel you will be better off with the Nimravus on your hip in the field, rather then the Cuda.

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thanks for the replies all. i know the cuda is a much more restricted use knife but the style and the scales look so sweet that i just keep coming back to it. i use a folder for daily carry and tough jobs. i would use a fixed blade mostly for light outdoor use fishing and camping so the nimravus would probobly be the most practical option (and its pretty sweet looking too
) but the full tang and scales on the cuda are just a real nice look. arghhh what to choose what to choose??????

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I don't understand when you imply the Nimravus is not full tang.
Unless you're talking about a completely different knife? The Nimravus Cub that I have IS full tang. So much so that it has an exposed pommel that the lanyard hole is in, and the tang extends out beyond the scales all the way around.

Unless I have always misunderstood what "full tang" means.

I have to agree...the Nimravus certainly IS full tang. I also disagree that the CQB is purely a fighter - that grip is nowhere near solid enough to enable a *safe* full thrust. Don't get me wrong, the handle ergonomics are alright, but I wouldn't trust my fingers to it. Still, I agree with you that the Nimravus is probably the more utilitarian of the two.

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I know you stated that you like the style of these two knives, but for camping and fishing, I would prefer other selections. Fallkniven makes some great knives and Buck makes some nice, corrosion resistant knives for the price. If corrosion resistance is not a key factor, you would be hard pressed to better a Chris Reeve One Piece, IMO.

The BM is a nice knife but the sheath arrangement, even the new and improved one, leaves somehting to be desired and their company attitude toward CS does not enjoy the best of reputation.
Although I own and often use a Nimravus (concealed in a concealex sheath or in the kitchen) I much prefer the Livesay Air Assault. For the same price (or less) you'll get a much better knife.

Good luck,

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