BM Mel Pardue 330

Oct 20, 1999
Just got two Mel Pardue 330's from Knifeoutlet, and put both of them thru some iddy-bitty little tests. Keep in mind, these are to be used literally as Gentlsmens' knives; opening letters and boxes and little more. Obviously, it is necessary to test something untill about where you would expect some type of failure...hopefully one that doesn't render the knife destroyed/out of service forever!

I did three tests on both of these knives. Both, because I have noticed that some of BM's QC is questionable. I cut through standard shipping grade cardboard. I cut through heavy manilla folders/envelopes. And finally, I tried to get the damn things to open in my pocket, something which is very bad, and could possibly cause a stab wound if not carefull!

Cardboard was no problem for both knives, although one knife did show a little more reluctance to shear thru the box I was cutting. I plan to keep this piece for myself, and give the sharper to my boss...I know I can proficiently sharpen a BM with ease!

Manilla folders/envelops also proved easy with the extremely sharp pieces. Both knives were shave sharp out of the box, and mine, after cutting paper for over an hour, is still sharp enough to shave my leg!! Threaded shipping tape, sometimes a problem for my serrated 350, proved only to be a problem for my knife, which at the time was staring to dull from some other use/test. I trust that my boss will get a kick out of the performance from such a little knife!

Now...pocket carry...Cutting with this piece is safe, granted you are doing only what you'd expect to be able to due with a knife this small. I started to stab and slash with my knife, and there is simply not enough knife there for confidant, safe handling of the piece. I placed the knife in my Dockers and banged the hell out of my pocket for ten minutes. I jumped around, danced, did a few funny stretches, all in an effort to get the blade to come out of the grip...NOTHING!!! My knife held its own, remaining TOTALLY closed during all testing. Now, my bosses piece I had even tighter, that and the fat that I'd rather not draw blood with someone elses knife, kept me from doing this test on both knives.

All in overly used phrase, I know, I am happy with the knife. It is asthetically pleasing, G10 nicely contasting the Pseudo-Damascus looking titanium liners. It is strong enough for the tasks at hand, and above all as with nearly all BM's I have ever as a razor right out of the box.

Thanks to Fred at the Knife Outlet!
Great service, and teriffic prices.

Stay Sharp!
Steve in NYC

maybe i should give it another try. i've heard some BM's can be a little finnicky and others are ok within the same model. i could have gotten a bad egg, but it was real easy for the blade to partially open.

I am of the opinion that the 330 is the best model that Benchmade makes. It's just big enough (I even gutted a small deer I arrowed in Missouri with it), yet remains the most discreet pocket knife I've ever owned. My only gripe is the "factory sharp" edges on the titanium frame/scales. This knife does not get the attention it deserves in this era of "tactical edged equipment."
I really like this little knife...and it can be easily customized. I ano'ed the liners (I think that is more of an orange peel finish...Dangelo) gold and made the cocobolo scales.

Jeff Jenness