BM Mini AXIS or BM 350 ?????

Jul 14, 1999
I'm looking for a sheeple friendly knife that i can carry everyday, and not have to worry about using it in public. Both of the above mentioned knives are illegal where i live but i think the size of them would not freak people out. So which do you suggest ?

Also, has anybody had any QC problems with these knives? The reason i ask this is because i can only buy from internet dealers and therefore cannot inspect before i buy.

Finally, can anyone give me the names of some good internet dealers that are very good at shipping to the UK? I have been using Knifecenter to buy my last couple of knives and am very impressed with their service but would also like some other options.


I own a 350bt, and am planning on getting a mini-axis. They are both great knives! And smooth, so smooooth.

My solution: Get both! (That didn't help, did it?)

I need a bigger bucket.
I am pleasantly impressed with the 350. That little liner won't budge because of the oversized brass washers at the pivot. A solid little folder, recommended.

Have you tried Bayou Laforge? Have had some very pleasant conversations with the owner, and the price can't be beat. Where ever you buy, ask them to inspect the knife for you. If you are very worried, try James Mattis at Chai Cutlery, our own moderator. I doubt severly he would send a piece across the ocean that was not up to snuff.

San Francisco, CA

Thanks for the info. I think i will take Stompys advice and get both

No, i have not tried Bayou but i will now go and check them out.