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BM mini stryker?

Dec 28, 1998
What's the general opinion about the mini stryker as an everyday carry? I know this is taboo to some but I plan on using it for those everyday things. However, if push came to shove (wink-wink, say no more) is the shorter blade of any realistic value?
I like my Mini-Stryker. Its the first tanto shaped blade I ever bought. More then likely the knife will work fine for your needs. I haven't used mine very much, but I do carry it with me every where.
Blades...I'm kind of the same way. I really like the way the mini stryker feels (the blade on mine very quick) very well built. No play in the blade and it fits the hand good. Only thing is, I hardly ever use it. Don't carry it much, seems like I've always got something else. There is just so many choices.
I try to keep my folding knives on strict daily carry rotation, but my mini-Stryker is one of my favorites. The handle is really comfortable - I think it feels better in my hand than any of my other knives, though my Sebenza is too new to make a fair comparison. The mini-Stryker also looks really good, and is very solid and well made. The blade on mine isn't exactly parallel to the liners, and as a result it will rub the liner a bit if I push the opening disc hard while opening it. Other than that, it's perfect.

That said, I doubt I'll buy another tanto blade for a while. It works fine for most things, but sometimes that second point is a bit annoying.

I suspect you'd be happy with it, though I have no idea of its push-coming-to-shove abilities.


My everydeys carry is the full sized Stryker (BT2 half serrated). I also own the Mini Stryker (BT2 plain blade) but I find the full sized one more handy.
The tanto blade works very fine for me, I would not want to change back to a curved blade.

Your's fraternally
I just picked one up for my wife and I liked it a lot. It's not that much smaller and seems real handy to me.