BM model 855

May 27, 2000
I have been looking for a nice looking knife for everyday use and was wondering if anyone can give me information on when the different handle patterns of this were made. Thanks


"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today"
-- James Dean

-Jesse Foust

"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today"
-- James Dean

-Jesse Foust
As seem! I have the 855-01 with the coloured handles. It seems a very nice knife. I also stabbed myself into mussle with this knife, wow it is a great stabber!
By accident I mean!

Don`t test the liner lock, by slamming the blade spine into your palm, the tip is very pointy!


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Not too sure, but IIRC the two knives are part of BM's Mel Pardue 85x series which have the same basic design and blade shape:
- BM850 rainbow anodized Ti bolsters and ivory micarta handle
- BM855 Coloured aluminium handle
- BM856 G10 handle

Cant speak for the BM855, but i've both the 850 and 856. Generally, both are good knives, well-made and a perfect size for daily carry. Lockup is ok if you don't mind the liner having some play. They are also unoffensive enough that your co-workers won't call the cops when you whip it out to cut something.

The only minuses are the poor edge geometry on both knives and the BM856's poor access to the thumb stud which makes it difficult to open (really needs a scalloped grove on the scale next to the thumb stud). I fixed the edges with my Sharpmaker and am thinking about filing a groove on my BM856 but haven't summoned the courage yet.


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I found out this weekend that they plan to release different handle colors sometime in the future, with quite a few nice looking ones. I saw the color patterns in a brochure/catalog that I saw at a local retail store. I don't know anything about the schedule, but they will probably be released as "Knife-of-the-Month" issues. So check in with your local or internet dealer of choice and see if you can get dibs on one. I actually own an 850 Pearl, and it is the most beautiful knife I have ever seen from a production company, with the rainbow anodizing and all.

Daniel D.