BM Nimravus Custom Sheath Dealers?

Feb 8, 2000
Hello folks. I'm hoping someone out there can help me out with this. I am trying to find somewhere online where I can order a custom sheath for my Benchmade Nimravus. Both the older and the new "improved" sheaths for this blade are pretty lousy and I need something for in waistband carry (and maybe flexible enough for neck carry, horizontal belt carry, etc.). Can someone suggest a quality maker with reasonable prices and production time? I have considered the JSP Bladerigger designs but I don't really go for the whole "static cord" approach - that is, I'd prefer a loop or something that holds the sheath in the pants during the draw. Anyway, let me appologize beforehand if this isn't the proper forum for this topic but any suggestions would be much appreciated!
You might try Mike Sastre at . I have a custom Spydie Moran sheath from him that does all that you mention. Nice guy, too. I know there are other makers than can do the same thing for you, but I don't recall who they are right now.

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Contact me at and I'll give you some ideas about how to fix the existing sheaths. I've done it and it wasn't even that difficult. I can modify the newer version in about 10 minutes including setup time.

Wait a minute......even the NEW sheath is LOUSY??? I just played with the Nimravus Cub sheath the other day and it looked like they figured out the sheath rode WAY too high on your belt....and I just emailed Benchmade about how to get a new style sheath for the Nimravus.....Doh!!
Normark makes custom concealex and kydex sheaths.

Tim Wegner at Blade Tech also makes concealex and kydex sheaths.

Hope this gets you started!

The current sheaths are not too difficult to modify. I did both of mine (Nimravus and Cub), and they work like champs. With a little more work, you can interchange the belt loops, this gives you even more options.
Contact Brian T, I'll bet the mods I did are the same as his and he'll be able to explain in greater detail than I.
Good Luck!

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