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BM Nimravus for Hunting?


Sep 17, 1999
I'm thinking of buying a Benchmade Nimravus Cub for deer hunting use. It seems to be ideally suited for this task, it's tough, has excellent steel, compact, and I believe the blade shape will work great for field dressing and skinning whitetails. But, I never see it's qualities listed as a hunting knife, always defense or survival. Whadda ya think?

i like the "Tactical Deer" !

IMHO the Cub is really a polyvalent knife.
It's a drop point blade knife.
The M2 can be sharpnen like a razor and stay sharp like CPM440V but with a finest edge.
In our hard test the M2 edge didn't chip at all.

An deer hunter should use the Cub because I think it will serve him well.

As I sit here looking at the M2 Nimravus Cub, what I see is a knife with as much or more belly than many of my hunting friends have on the knives they use to dress out their deer here in the Sunshine State.
I also see an abbreviated but functional integral guard that is small enough to not interfere with the processing task.
Handle scales that are non-slip, even when wet. Finally, a coating that will retard the best efforts of blood at rusting the blade.
It should work well in the deer processing dept.
I'm going to show it to some of my hunting buds and see what they think.
Keep in mind this all IMO.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

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I had a full size 140 and was going to give her a chance this season but, she has since been traded...I think the Cub would work even better.