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BM Nimravus Sheath

Dec 30, 2000
Hey all, I just ordered a Nimravus Cub and, since doing so, found a couple of posts critisizing the sheath. What's wrong with it and do I need to order a Normark. One reviewer stated he changed out the clip, however, the text regarding the modification is hidden behind a photo.
Thanks for your input,

The factory sheath is cheasy. I had Eric make me one up (Normark) and it is the bomb! You will not regret a Normark sheath for this or any other fixed blade.

Well, I haven't got a Cub (yet), but my full-sized Nimravus sheath (newer style) is a little crappy. I took the stupid retaining strap off so at least I can draw the knife properly. The plastic belt loop is flimsy shee-ite -- The sheath does not hug the body and flops around a little too much. There is no provision for IWB carry, and the sheath itself is bulkier and made up of more parts than it needs to be.

I have an example of Normark's work in the form of a sheath for my Jeff Diotte Pirahna, (neat little blade!) and it is head and shoulders above factory sheath quality. The fit was very tight at first, but now that it is broken in, the "lock-up" is still very positive and it draws smoothly. I still haven't fully experimented with all of the included attachments and carry positions, but they just add to the fun. I think if/when I get my Cub I will definitely be ordering a new sheath for it from Eric.

I don't carry my Nimravus around so I can't really justify a new sheath for it at the moment, but I'd probably have the balls to wear the Cub openly and legally in Toronto since it's little and would sort of melt into my usual all-black attire.
Richard K. I have two Nimravus Cubs. I really like the knives, but the sheath is really quite weird. Just did not like it.

I had Eric at Normark, make me a sheath, and I cannot praise his work enough. When you get his sheath, carry your knife inverted. It is very cool this way, and very fast to deploy.
Richard, you may have to send him a money order.
I've got a couple of Eric's sheaths, and one is for a Nimravus. Can't say enough good things about them.

mr44, how do you like that Piranha? Been thinking about getting one. Sharp looking little knife. Sorry for getting OT.
Sent an E-Mail to Eric but have not yet received a reply. Was hoping, for the sake of expediency, of ordering by phone with a credit card. But oh well!
Hey Richard...

Sorry I just got back in from a 6 hour round trip taking my babies to the hospital for their check ups.. So the day is pretty much shot...

All is well so expect some mail very soon...

Thanks Guys..
Appreciate all the kind words...

Jeff Diotte's new site with some Pirahna pics are up on my site,, just click the first picture you see..



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