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BM Pinnacle Owners.....Satisfied?

Mar 12, 1999
I had a chance to inspect the BM Pinnacle today. I held 4 of them. 3 of 4 seemed to have a very, very weak lockup in terms of where the lock was meeting the blade. It made me feel very uneasy. It appeared to me that it would take no effort at all for the lock to slip off the blade. Of course, the store owner was convinced it was a solid lockup and that my imagination was running wild. Then he showed me a Farid (English) with the mono lock construction. The lock was as wide as the blade end and had no room to go right or left. It really made the Pinnacle look anemic by comparison. he regretted it as soon as he handed me the Farid

What's been your experience?
The MonoLock (once known as the "Pinnacle") is pretty damn strong, and although I will never carry one (I hate the blade lines), short of like a Carnivor or Axis-Lock you simply won't find a stronger lock on a production knife.


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I Have two of them and they both are very strong on lock up. The combo edge is a very early model and it really locks up hard and some times takes both hands to unlock.The second one with a smooth edge came a month later and it doesn't lock up as hard but is more than enough. It seems to more remind me of my Sebenza (small)and it works very smooth,but very positive.I've been playing with the Sebenza for about 18 months and it's as good as the 1st day.I think BM has a good model in the Frame lock or what ever they call it,I like the Pinacle name better But whatever they call it, it's a fine folder for the money.

Jumbi, you should keep in mind that where two opposing steels meet in a lock (i.e. titanium and ATS-34) there is going to be a break in period, just like a new engine. After numerous locking and unlocking cycles the Pinnacles seem to break in nicely.
My Pinnacle seems to lock up fine after the break-in period.
I feel it's a bit safer than liner locks, basically.

As you break in your Pinnacle the pivot pin may start to work loose, I carefully placed a drop of blue Locktite on the theads of the pivot pin, adjusted it where I wanted the tension and it has stayed put ever since. A very strong lock, a good feeling handle (to me), a useful blade shape and great steel. I like mine a lot! Hope you do too!
BTW BM's heat treat turned out pretty good on my blade, better than my Axis.

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I've been very happy with my Pinnacle. The lock up on mine is strong and I actually like the blade design better then the Sebenza.(don't tell anybody) I know, I'm a blasphemer!

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Ive got a Pinnacle, as well as a large and small Sebenza and I like the pinnalcle fune, though its not as good as the Sebenzas, but shouldnt be for a third as much. Mine was really hard to close until I opened and closed it about a million times but now it is really smooth.