BM Stryker or AFCK


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May 28, 1999
IM looking to buy a new carry folder to replace my old Endura and now ive got to choose between these two. At first i thought about getting the 910 because of the afck's thin tip. But now with the M-2 blades this is no longer a factor. The biggest factor is the utility of the tanto shaped stryker compared to the much praised afck's clip.

Any noted advantages to the 910 as compared to the afck, such as handle design blade utility etc.. would be greatly appreciated

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The AFCK is more ergonomic than the Stryker. The AFCK excels at utility duties and also is an excellent self defense knife. I own both, but if I could only have one it would be the AFCK.
I found my Stryker to be wonderfully comfortable in my hand, however I no longer carry it on a daily basis because, for my uses the geometric point just isn't as useful as a blade with a curved belly.

As for the thin tip of the AFCK, it depends on what you are doing with the knife. I found that the relatively thick blade and saber grind of the Stryker made it less useful for most of the cutting chores I do from day to day -- I just don't do a lot of high stress cutting.

I don't own a full sized AFCK, but my wife has a mini AFCK. I like the blade, but the handle itself isn't very comfortable for me. It *is* comfortable for her, but her hands are much smaller than mine.

In the end, if you're trying to choose between these two knives, I'd say that if you need a really sturdy blade, go with the Stryker, if you need something for fine cutting go with the AFCK.
I like both and would be hard pressed to choose but I would probably take the AFCK in the M2 as I have heard so much about it....

Have owned both models at one time or another, both in ATS-34 though, and really liked both, but the AFCK is a little more to my taste and with M2, I think it is a no brainer.

Good luck...

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I carry my Stryker far more often than the my AFCK. Here are a couple of reasons:

The AFCK tends to draw frightened stares if opened in public, whereas the geometric look of the Stryker blade at least offers curiosity as a potential reflex.

The Stryker has a smaller handle:blade ratio, so it is a smaller package in your pocket for roughly the same blade size. The contouring at the lock cutout indexes your fingers in either a forward or reverse grip, whereas the AFCK has the typical BM "brick" feel of flat surfaces meeting flat surfaces.

My AFCK also galls terribly between the liner and the blade, making it a real bear to close. I realize that BM's QC can at times be spotty, so mine may just be a fluke that slipped through. Just the same...

This is just a personal opinion, I've heard awesome things about the M2 AFCK. YMMV.
I have both the 910 Stryker and the 800-HSS AFCK. I'm currently carrying the AFCK on a daily basis because I like the blade shape and the advantages of the M2 steel. When I opt to carry the Styker instead, it's usually because of handle considerations. The Styker is shorter and offers a more compact package. If you plan to carry the knife clipped to your waistband, especially if you plan to carry it in front near your appendix (to the right of your belt buckle), go with the Stryker. When I carry in waistband as described, I tilt the knife so that the clip runs at an angle through a belt loop, between cloth and belt. The Stryker seems to have been designed with this mode of carry in mind: the way the handle curves around the pivot area causes the Stryker to have a relatively low profile with no sharp corner protruding upwards into your stomach, unlike the AFCK, which is all points and corners. I also find the Stryker handle configuration to be very comfortable in use. The Stryker continues to be one of my favorite knives in spite of the geometric tanto blade. I'd like the knife better if it were a flat-ground drop point.

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Thanks a lot for the advice guys.
For me the Afck has a lot going for it. I love the lines and the handle fits my hands perfectly, I havent had the chance to handle a stryker yet however. At this time i am leaning heavily toward the afck... so now just as a curiosity(not to mention the fact that i have been out of the loop with knives for about a year) what exactly are the tanto's advantages (disregarding the obvious point strength).

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You have chosen wisely.
the Stryker is a cute knife - but not as good as a general utility.

The AFCK is a better Multirole Fighter.

I want a Light Saber.

Having owned both, they are both great knives. But overall, the AFCK is more useful for everyday carry. That nice curve just slices so smoothly into whatever you are cutting. Go to a show and play with both of them.
I'd definitely stand behind the AFCK on this one. Some will disagree, but I think a tip-down carry with the hole allows the fastest possible deployment. Also, the AFCK has a very good shape for utility, with a deep grind and a very slim tip. The shallow grind on the Stryker makes for poor cutting performance, while strengthening the blade well beyond what I deem reasonable for a folding knife. I'm biased here because I have little use for the "American Tanto," a shape that eliminates the most important cutting area on the knife - the curved belly. Compare that to the AFCK's deep belly, and you'll understand why it is miles ahead for utility.

Both knives are very ergonomic, but the AFCK forces the user into a pronounced forward saber grip. If you like that, good, but I'd personally give the Stryker the nod in this area, for allowing a slightly more versatile grip.

I've carried an AFCK for several years, and it still my favorite (though my new Military is a close second). I've handled Strykers, but have little use for blades designed to punch through car doors but not to effectively cut anything. That's where I'm coming from, read it as you may.


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Thanks for the advice everyone. im gettin the AFCK... unless of course BM comes out with an M2 Axis... mmmm...
And Ogre... if you want a light saber... then become a Jedi's apprentice.. trust me, i know about these things.

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