BM Stryker OWNERS ONLY need apply ...

Nov 16, 1998
Just curious as to who prefers the new style vs the old style #910's from Benchmade or vissa-versa?

I had the old #910S that I am replacing with a new #910SBT. My old one seen better days and time to do it again but this time trying the ones with the BT2 coat.

I seen from the Benchmade forum that a stop pin has now been added and the thumb disk is relocated according to Benchmade. Even heard that there was a change to the G10 as well, but this hasn't been confirmed by Benchmade yet.

I hope that these changes ARE really improvements because the retail cost is now higher!

I just have the old and to tell the truth I am happy with it.I use it for my primary carry and frankly don't know if I would replace it. I think for the money I would more then likely buy a total different knife.
like an AXIS.
How can you identify the new style? I recently purchased the 910(Plain) from
I've got one of the old style ones that I got last summer, I like it fine.

I too am inclined to buy a different knife instead of buying a stryker upgrade.

Hi Mark,

The new one is quite a bit more refined. They added a blade-closed stop pin, and got rid of that funny tab that used to stick out into the finger cutout. They moved the thumb disk back so it is more reliable to open. They added the screw inserts in the handle, and now its available with an M-2 blade (just got one, I like it a lot).

Well, I liked the old version, But I felt that it could use some improvements. So I replaced the G10 with Linen Micarta handle slabes that I whipped up in my shop. They look exactly like wood. Very nice. I also sanded the BT2 coating off and replaced it with a nice 2-tone finish, reprofiled the blade to give it a little belly. After that it is quite a knife.


Self improvement is a hobby of mine :).

Hey Harv (Buddy),

When exactly did BM start putting out the new ones? I should be getting my new ones around WED. or THURS. next week, don't know yet if they are the old or new.

Has it been a while since the new ones were released or just recently?


I have one 910SBT marked "PROTOTYPE" on the blade and really like it, though now I am trying to get used to the AFCK (with not much success after a month crrying it). I had no chance to compare the old and new strykers side by side. I heard of a chisel ground Stryker. Does it exist? If so, maybe I get one of these.

1 quick comment. I tried to replace the blade of my older Stryker with the newer M2 blade. I sent it to BM and initially we thought it was no problem. The newer blades can not go in the older models though so I had to settle for an older "new" blade for replacement. They would have had to replaced the liners and the cost didn't justify changing the blade.



Thanks Kodiak PA ....On the BM forum the Benchmade Support Team said the blades from the old can not be interchanged with the new because the blade is somewhat different due to the addition of a stop pin and the relocation of the disk.

yes they do make a chisel ground Stryker, I know Knifecenter has them for 94 dollars and something cents. ive seen em other at other net retailers too.
Believe me, the very, very latest version is great. -AR

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Sorry to be slow coming back, Mark. I think the Strykers have been shipping with the updates for some time. I remember looking at an updated one at the BAKCA knife show last August.


Well, mine should be arriving to me tomorrow, so hopefully I will know tomorrow night which ones I got. Got them from ABC-Direct, so we'll see! Either way, old or new, just have to have another Stryker again! It will be new to me being my other one was a satin blade and this will be the BT2 version


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Oh yes, I think I may like the new version better. Thumb disk looks like it is better located and I like the texture of the G-10 slabs. Sure hope when mine arrive tonight that they are this newer version, but if not, oh well, still like the Stryker!




P.S. Makes a great wallpaper for the PC!

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This question is about the M2-Stryker. The scans provided by James are great ! Can anyone comment regarding the blade shape of the revised-Stryker, original Stryker and the M2-Stryker. In particular, do the the newer styles have a little less point to the blade. The original Stryker has a needle like point. Is the angle the same for the new version ?

My only complaint about the original is that it will open itself in your pocket if it is not clipped to your pocket. If dropped into your pocket, the point can catch and hang on folds of cloth when you sit. When you standup it can open slightly. The surprise happens when it pokes through your pants or slices your finger. This is a sort of random event but has happened to me enough times that I will only carry my Stryker when it can be clipped to the outside of my pocket .
Maybe someone can answer this: are the "new" Strykers only the ones with M2? If I buy a regular one, will it be the "old" style?

Also, what is the opinion of the new Sentinel. How does the smaller 885 compare to its big brother?


I'm examining an old-style Stryker right now. In closing the knife, it appears as though the tang does contact the stop-pin/tube at just the same time that the thumb-disk contacts that tab in the liner. I have the knife with one scale and liner removed to view the action better, and I honestly cannot tell if only one of the surfaces is in contact or if both are. I'd sure like to grind that stupid little tab off of the liner, but am afraid this will let the blade travel past the detent when closed if it isn't quite contacting the stop-pin. What do folks think of this? Will the pin/tube suffice to stop the blade from "over-closing?"


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