BM820 lock fails too?

Oct 3, 1998
After belatedly learning about the 840 lock failures when rapped on the spine lightly, I find my 820 does so too.

Is it common to the whole Ascent line?

I did not find that problem in the 820's only the 840's. Any dealers reading this can you check your stock please?

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Have you tried the new 840's & 845's

I have two of them and have done all kinds of test and find them strong as hell, as a matter of fact I have put my CS Voyager Tanto 4 incher in my dresser drawer because I feel the BM 840 and 845 are better knives.

They have a great shaped handle, have adjustable tension screws for blade adjustment, ATS-34 quality blades, and are reasonably priced. What more can you ask?


Check how deeply the lock sets in the blade's DEEP and SECURE.

I hadn't heard about any of this. I don't have any of these BM's but I was considering the larger of the three with the hole in the blade. Is this something soon to be improved upon? I like the feel of the knife, but I'll stick with my delica for lightweight carry if it's screwy.


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I thought I read somewhere that the problems were with 840s and 820s. I have 4 (yes, four) 830s who passed the test in flying colors. Looking forward to buying the 835s.

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I have the 830 and haven't had any failures, spline or otherwise.