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BM840s-Did yours Lock fail???

Mar 19, 1999
hello people, i own a 840s, and will be recieveing a 840sbt, besides all the flack this knife got for the weird ergonomics, and odd handle design, i like the knife, out of all my zytel/synthetic handled folders, it makes an excellent stabber, and great jogging-self-defense knife. I want to know, i read a couple posts of people saying there 840 fails the spine whack test, i hit mine harder than my socom, and the socom failed, the 840 held. If you have this knife, give me your thoughts, and also, im getting the 840sbt, its my first bt2 black coated benchmade, how easily does this wear, and is the spine lock mech. black too. Thanks.
I'm one of the guys who doesn't like the 840's ergonomics. If you like it, though, more power to you.

I have an old 840, it did not fail the spine-whack test. Solid as a rock. Mike did the test with 6-month-old 840s, those all failed. Maybe the older 840s had better locks, or maybe I just got lucky.

Benchmade read the whole mess and responded by putting in better locks, from what I hear. Newer ones should be fine.