Bob Dozier Double lock titanium folder

Oct 19, 1999
First noticed this folder on triple aught website. None were available at the list price of 250.00. Since I was set up at the Blade Show near Bob's table, I was fortunate to handle one. So impressed me I purchased one.
Size: This is a very lightweight gentlemen's folder. The handle slabs are titanium ( grey)ala Sebenza. Blade is 2.5" Dozier style drop point, with finger guard at bottom and groves at top. Placed on top of my large Sebenza, knife is approx. one half the thickness of the Sebenza. Very light and compact.
Action: This is a double liner lock with the lower half of the handle slab locking the blade as in Sebenza. However, instead of a stop pin at the top of the blade, a second liner lock on the slab engages a cut out in the blade acting as an upper blade liner lock. This places this folder in Sal Glessers top class for strength - since not only do we have a lower lock utilizing the strength of the whole handle, but we have a much wider contact area at the top to engage the blade
as opposed to a round stop pin.

Blade: D-2. I would place Bob in the select company of only 3 0r 4 smiths I trust with getting the full benefits of this tool steel.

Quality: As well made as my Sebenza. No motion on lock up, bronze washers, very fine detailing.

Summary: The perfect gentlemans knife. Very strong, yet very light and narrow. I have been playing with the blade since the show, spine wacking and cutting and find no looseness or failure.

Now aren't you glad I told you so

C.O.'s-"It takes balls to work behind the walls "
Skarb, a couple of questions:

Any connection to the Skarb sharpener?

Where can I buy a small Dozier like you describe? I have seen one once. Very nice.

Roger Blake
[Beam- just as there is only one skarb sharpener, there is only one skarb communicator (after all I'm patented). To answer your question, I reviewed the copy I made from Triple Aught website. It stated a price of 295.00 with no availability as of Feb 2000. The unit I bought was only 250.00. Bob must have lowered his prices. My knife came without a belt clip. I like it this way, real smooth to hold. Bob said he could add a clip for no charge. I'm afraid to obtain one , you have to go directly to Dozier Knives.

By the way the blade length overall is 3" not 2.5". I measure my knives only along cutting surface.