Bob Dozier Pro Skinner

Aug 25, 1999
I recieved my Pro Skinner yesterday (thanks, Chief!!!). My first reaction is: That's a lot of knife! The heft of this D2 beauty is perfectly balanced. The shallow finger grooves fit my hand perfectly, and the slender brown micarta scales define the word "ergonomic". I hate to gush like this, but this is one well-designed and executed knife. The grind on the blade is perfect (par for the course with Mr. Dozier), and the red circle inlay was done flawlessly. This is hands down the sharpest knife I've ever held-I see now what "hair popping" means! The Pro Skinner is a perfect match for my Dozier Straight Hunter, right down to the matching brown micarta scales! Also as usual, the kydex sheath is perfect. The horizontal carry doesn't bother me as I carry my hunting knives in my fleece fanny pack anyway. Ever since I read my first AG Russell catalog many years ago I have lusted after one of Bob's knives. Now I have two and they are everything I thought they would be and more!!!!
That is a beauty!

In the latest AG Russell catalog (Christmas 1999) the cover has a maple burl handled "master skinner" with kydex sheath. D-2 with drop point 3.5" blade. Very nice shape.
Lynn-I agree: Chief is a great guy and Bob sure does make some sweet blades! Ron1-man, I need to see a pic of the Pro Skinner with that maple handle! Or maybe I'd better not-might make me skip the mortgage this month!

What a bragger?! LOL
. Guess who else has a Dozier Pro Skinner w/ black micarta scales? It came in the yesterday from a fellow BF'er. Great ergonomics, well designed kydex sheath (CHIC method of deploying), and love the D2 steel blade! Bob makes an awefully nice knife that screams to be USED!

I have picked up a lot of medium sized fixed blades this year, and I HOPE I will get to use most of them around Thanksgiving (OH PLEASE ?!#@ ....LOL!).

No one ever mentions that Bob Dozier makes a VERY well designed, and finished Kydex sheaths. Great job, BOB - if you read here! My brother in law was the first to show me one of his small skinner he picked up from the last Blade Show in Atlanta - ever since I wanted one. I have to find some more of these babies.

Ray 'md2020'
Ray-congrat's!! And heck-if I can't brag about a new knife HERE, then the heck with it,I'll collect stamps!!LOL
I'm right there with you hoping that I use my knife this November! Good Luck!