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BOB/robert terzuola?

Mar 25, 2000
A few years back I purchased a Spyderco folder from a local cutlery dealer.The blade had an engraving on both sides of the blade which stated SPYDERCO GOLDEN COLORADO USA on one side, and ATS-34 ROBERT TERZUOLA -DESIGN-
on the other... however the new Spyderco STARMATE is stated as designed by Bob Terzuola. I would like to know wherether this is a mistake on all the 'ROBERT' TERZUOLA blades, or was mine the only defective one..
The blade in reference is a sheepsfoot folder, with a blade length of 3.5 inches and an overall length of 7.8 inches.

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Nick the one you purchased is an earlier design.It was first made with aluminium handles and then with G10.I believe it was Spyderco's 1st collabration with a custom designer.I think it was an excellent knife but Spyderco stopped production and now is making the new Starmate.Both knives are a Spyderco-Terzuola design.
however,i would like to ask...then why is it that the knives are engraved with two different names...one being BOB.T and one being ROBERT.T ??
Thanx Robb.

Nick - Robert Terzuola became better known, as time moved on, as Bob "T" in the custom knife circles. Many cannot pronounce his last name.

All of the C-15's were engraved the same and all of the Starmates will be the same.