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Boker Applegat Fairbairn Fighting Knife

Jan 23, 2001
I am considering one of these. Can someone tell me if the tang extends to the end of the handle? Also, how wide and about how thick?


Jason, I never took my handle apart (which can be done to remove the lead weights), so I couldn't tell you for sure if the tang goes for the length of the handle.

Usually, tang lenght becomes an issue when you are concerned about breakage. Breakage which would be caused by lateral forces upon the blade. Let me just say this, full tang or not, the blade on my Boker looks like it would not be able to withstand much lateral force. It is a rather thin blade that is tapered and ground on both sides. I'm almost certain that General Applegate designed this knife solely for stabbing and cutting in hand combat, and not for survival uses such as chopping and prying. Hope this helps.

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Okay, just took my boker apart. Fairly impressive tang actually. Here are the specifics.

thickness is 3/8 inch
length is 3 and 7/8 inches
width tapers from 3/4 inches just behind the guard to 1/2 inch.

I scanned a picture of it dissected. E-mail me if you want the picture.

Stay back! or I'll...OUCH...cut myself.
I have the Boker A/F Field knife, which is single edged with a false edge that's about half the length of the blade. Get this model if you are concerned about blade strength.

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