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Oct 27, 1998
Hi Dexter, you're the only guy I know who has seen one of these up close and I have a couple of questions for you.
I notice their are only 2 screws holding the handle together other than the pivot screw. With the titanium bolster what is holding it to the scales other than the pivot screw? Also the front of the G10 where it meets the bolster, what keeps it nice and flush with the liners? From the pictures in your review in a recent magazine article I suspected their might be a lot of flex and poor fitting of the scales to liners, maybe causing inconsistant lock-up. I'd like to here your thoughts on this as I really like the sturdy blade on this one and if it had a handle just as strong I'd like to pick one up.

Now you know 2 people. I took a good look at my G10 handled one and the scales seem to be stuck on quite well. I think they are epoxied toword the top. I have not used this knife much, however. Also, let me warn you that if you are considering the wood handled version, BEWARE!!! take a good look at the scales to make sure they fit right. Mine look a little off, although I think a little sandpaper will help. I think I got an early production piece. Just make sure you take a good look at it before you take it home, or ask a reputable online dealer to inspect it carefully first. I have to say though, I think this is one hell of a knife for the money. There is also a limited edition Damascus piece available, and I did notice extra care was taken to make sure the wood was in place. (I hope so, after what I paid for it!!) This knife is worth it, if you've got the cash

EdRozen-the professional alter-ego specialist
Actually, let me correct myself, upon closer inspection I found that the wood actually fit quite nicely. However, it was slightly cracked with the grain and caused it stick out. So, back to the factory it goes. Either way, I still love the Brends, and personally I think it's one of the best values you can get. And the liner lock is rock solid. I have never been disappointed by a Boker.
Let me also thank you for making me take a good look at the scales on the wooden Brend. I wouldn't have realized it ever had crack.
Peter - the G-10 on my Brend appears to have a rivet positioned close to the area where the ti bolsters start. The Tree Brand round shield conceals one rivet, the other is hidden underneath the curve of the pocket clip. Look at the inside of the knife - you'll see the ends of the rivets protruding.

What keeps the G-10 nice and flush with the liners, if I'm reading your question correctly, its just a tight fit that keeps the parts flush with each other. The G-10 is strong enough to not flex and provide a consistent lock up. No lock problems were experienced during the evaluation period. Hope this helps!

Dexter Ewing
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