Boker Brend


Sep 27, 1999
I just visited a friends shop and noticed the 2 Boker Brends in a display case. Of course I had to check them out. I couldn't believe it. These things looked like I put them together. The fit and finish was horrible on both. The rosewood knife was even worse. AS I closed the blade I noticed it rub the liner. I'm sure glad I'm not stocking these things. The only redeeming feature of these knives was the blade design. I know it's not a Microtech but I expected a lot more from the Germans. I wanted this to be a nice inexpensive knife, too bad.
I ended up buying an Orvis/Kelgin bird and trout knife. This is a nice little knife to carry while quail hunting.

I had one that I recently sold. Mine was not as bad as you described but it could have been a lot better. I think the project was too ambitious: they are trying to make too much knife for too little money and something had to be sacrificed. As I purchase more and more knives, I am willing to pay more to get better quality.
I had the chance to play with one at the local knife shop, and I was disappointed as well. It wasn't even smooth to open! The bolsters were not in line with the scales, and the blade was rubbing the liner. Too bad, cause I really wanted one. I love the Brend blade, but....
I thought about buying one, but when I got to handle one, it wasn't very comfortable. I didn't see the bad quality problems you guys mention, but I guess these things vary.