Boker Ceramic

Dec 19, 2000
I have recently purchased a Boker ceramic lockback knife, the s 5/8 blade and blue annonized blade. I had mine for a weak and I got one or Bokers Infinity Ceramic knives. I dont know if anyone else loves ceramic blades out their but I love them, they are crazy sharp and shiny too!! I have been wondering if their are any other good ceramic knife makers out their besides Boker.
I Just recieved a Ceramic Infinity & had to sharpen it already due to a small nick a 1/2 from the end.....Don`t know how it got there, But the Lansky Sharpener came through for me again !!

I used a Fine Diamond Stone to polish the nick right out Hopefully I won`t have to do that again...It took probibly 40 minutes of polishing to remove the nick. That ceramic is some hard stuff.

Anyway they can be sharpened with the Lansky Diamond Kit just to let you guy`s know..