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Boker Covert

Oct 28, 2000
A friend of mine was looking for a Boker Covert folder and I was trying to find one on the net and I couldn't. I even checked Boker USA and they don't even list it. Does anybody know if they still make this knife and if they do is it worth buying? Thanks.
Go to Knife Center and type "covert" in Search at the upper left hand corner of the page. They have a few models. I think it's a lot of money for a very ordinary knife.
Hi there:
If you look under "Gerber knives" you will find the Fairbairn/Applegate "Covert" folders....
Bocker in Germany sells them but does not make them...
Happy sharpening :)
Gerber Coverts are well made...we have sold several to US Customs agents as personal knives and they indicate they serve them well.. price???I think it is a lot of knife for the money, but I have always been fond of Gerber. md
Okay, had to post on this knife ....

ahhh, the Gerber Applegate/Fairbairn Covert folder. A long name for, well, one heck of a knife.

It was given to me as a recent birthday present by a very close friend (let's call it Army buddies w/o having been in the service together -- and yes, I did give him a coin in return). Thus, this is a very sentimental knife, before we even get to its redeeming qualities.

I have not tried a spine-whack test on it (which it's big brother, the Gerber A/F Combat, was notorious for failing miserably). However, I inherently have faith in its double lock, while even the liner lock seems to hold pretty well. (I have tried stressing just the liner lock, and the liner lock appears to bend, as opposed to the blade slipping off of the lock, which I feel to be a good thing.)

This blade has been my right-front-pocket carry since I got it -- strong-side, first-line position for me. I would definitely recommend this blade. You can find it for just around $90 on the web. (Let me know if you need a link ... I think I still have them around for those prices.)