Boker flagship models?

Jan 11, 2019
I've checked out Bokers for a while and I'm definitely interested.
Flagship models -
Benchmade - 940, 710, Griptillian...
Spyderco - Military, Endura, Para 2...
Buck - 110, 119...
Boker - ???

What would you folks suggest my first Boker should be?
I'm interested in a work knife. Lotta wood whittling, cord cutting, hard plastic cutting... a work knife.

Sorry can’t help you there. Only boker i have is the Kalashnikov AK74 Auto for Self defense edc. But i am curious to see some answers.
The flagship Boker model is the 182 pattern camp knife. This is a great, classic knife.
If you are looking for a work knife, they made several other patterns that I really like:
Pattern 7474 4" stock knife
Pattern 280 whittler
Pattern 1000, single blade lockback
Pattern 2000, is a really beefy lockback
All above are classic patterns. For a modern option, the Boker PLUS line has a ton of nice modern knives.
<edit> I forgot about the modern SCOUT knives! They have the full sized SCOUT, the JUNIOR SCOUT, and the smallest, the BOY SCOUT. All are single blade lockback knives. Great work knives in my opinion!
After a quick scan the Scout with a D2 blade seemed to stand out to me.
Lotta cool knives to consider.
For whittling this one, a Boker carvers congress. I imagine it will cut those other things you mentioned just fine also.

take a peek at the tree brand knives. too me these are flagship for boker made or assembled whatever in Germany. the fellow is one of my perosnal favorites...have a half dozen of them in different colored bone.