Boker Gemini in X-15?

Mar 24, 2001
Has anyone had any experience using the new Boker Gemini in X-15 steel? I've read that this is a stain proof(?) steel, and that it holds an edge reasonably well. I personally feel that the knife looks cheap, but if it's as good as I've heard, it will be perfect for working on the water this summer. If anyone has any opinions, please share.


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Jan 28, 2001
I have heard conflicting stories on X-15. First, it was reported to be stain resistant with edge holding qualities between 440C and ATS-34. Now, I hear it's "rust proof" with the edge holding ability of 440A. I had a Heckler & Koch Tactical folder made for them by Boker in X-15 steel. Since I oil all my blades, I didn't have the opportunity to see if any rust develops. It's construction is similar to the Gemini but I don't know if the rust proof claim is true.

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