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Boker / HK Tanto

Apr 2, 2000
Anyone know about the quality of this knife. I love Hk firarms and wonder if boker puts the same quality into this knife.
Please include what I should expect to pay for 1. Thanks a bunch!
hey shawn, welcome to the forums. i bought one of the drop point models on impulse. first boker i've ever owned. don't generally care for them. i really like the texture of the handles{like a usp} and the overall look of the knife. it seems the x15 is a decent steel.the main problem[and only one i've encountered], although it's a big one, is it has lateral blade play!! it had a little when i bought it, but i figured what the heck. it was only around 70.00.i've thought about contacting boker to see about a new liner lock to reduce the play. if you get one, try to get one that you can handle to make sure there is no play.although, the play has increased with the limited use it has seen.the kabar D2 i had had the same problem.it's gone now. the hk/boker is my beat up and abuse knife.hope this helped.

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