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BOKER Knives?

Jun 19, 1999
Hmmm, I have changed my mind on what kind of knife to buy. My wants or needs haven't changed, but I haven't found anything in that area. So, I found something different that I like. Boker! Quite frankly, I think they're gorgeous! I like the SkyWalker especially, among their other lockbacks, especially their new line. Check them all out at KnifeCenter.com's brand-name index. Let me know what you think of their materials and quality. Thanks!


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Gator, I like some of their designs, but I find it hard to get past their implementation. To me, their blade etching (logo, name, design, etc.) is too prominent; I like to see the flow of the steel, grind lines, etc., and don't like logos. Limit it to the company name, and make it very small, or they've lost me.
There is a very interesting carbon fiber weave implemented on the Sky Walker.

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
But for that price, I would go for a Spyderco Michael Walker clipit with carbon fiber handles.

"All of our knives open with one hand, in case you're busy with the other"
For the price, I think you'd do better to find a less-well known maker and have him do whatever folder you could sketch on a napkin. Or send him your favorite Benchmade and have him throw some carbon fiber and filework on there. There's a price point where I feel production knives are just no longer worth the money, and the high-end Bokers and Spydie Walker are at that point. I can understand folks who just want to collect these things, but I personally would much rather have my own design, the materials I want, and the knowledge that a single person did it all for me. Of course, in my case, I'd rather just do it myself...

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Little Bear Knives
For the most part, I'm with Corduroy. But there are some "specials" that are worth paying a premium for on a factory knife.

I do have a Boker Orion, which is special owing to the materials (crystalline Ti & CF), and at $189 isn't ridiculous. It works very well coming out of a suit pocket.

I can, however, say that Boker's implementation leaves something to be desired. It looks great to folks who don't see the details, but little things like an uneven finishing bevel around the carbon fiber scales, the lack of a ball detent, a cheap pocket clip, and a right hand only (no possible way to provide a raised stud on the back side) design are things that a custom maker would gladly remedy.

I put my CFPP (Corduroy Factory Price Point) at about a hundred and change. BM and particularly Spyderco are producing top notch factory folders in this range, and without a compelling extra reason, I wouldn't spend more.
I have a couple of Boker/Klotzli knives and love them. These are the simple walker designs with the red and blue anodized aluminum scales. They are great knives for the price ($75) and cost the same as Benchmade's Leopard Cub.
I also have a couple of Boker's Bud Neely Specialists. I obviously like these knives as I have two of them.
Boker has impressed me with design, fit and finish.
The BEST feature of all my Bokers is the polished 440C stainless used for the blades.
I have never had any problems with rust or stains, and tend to carry them more often than many other knives.
I've had ATS34 rust in my pocket from perspiration. That has yet to happen with the Klotzlis. One of the Specialists rides in the open on the motorcycle. It has seen it's share of neglect and moisture (rain) and still looks new.
I'm not to crazy about the standard Bokers, like the Top Lock's. But i think some of their other knives are very nice. Especially the Skywalker (though it needs a clip) and the Orion. I also like their new Infinity ceramic blade, and the Bud Nealy Specialist. A couple of the sharpest knives I've pulled out of a box have been Bokers too!.

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There are so many knives and makers out there because not everyone likes the same things.
I have and carry a small Boker ceramic blade and the new crystal Ti W/Carbon fiber scales. I like both blades. They meet different needs(OK wants).
Find a design you like, that fits your hands, and you can afford. You will get a knife now and then that does not work for you. But someone will want it and may have a knife you want or cash. It's all fun in the collecting and using game.

Have fun and don't spend all your money in one trip to the store.