Boker Mini-Smatchet Request

Jun 19, 1999
I would like to hear your impressions of the Boker Mini-Smatchet. I am also interested in your opinions about its future in the Boker line or any other interesting tidbits of information that you may have to share.

Thanks in Advance


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I just read review/article on these. I think in a recent Tactical Knives or Blade Magazine. If I recall correctly, the comments were very positive. Maybe someone else will remember the mag and which month...Ed.
I have one and it's not a bad knife. The only thing I dislike about them are the nylon sheath and the brass guard(I would have used a stainless guard and a kydex sheath).

The nylon sheath on mine doesn't seem to fit the knife properly (I think the rivets in it are too close together, so the knife sticks out about 1/4 inch) it doesn't carry the knife too well, and is also sometimes difficult to withdraw. Kydex IWB, like the AF boot knife, would have been a better choice.

I like the blade stock (3/16), can put up with the bead blast finish, and since it's blade heavy makes an excellent slasher, both coming and going. I'm glad it's double ground (as opposed to an asymetrical grind like on the bootknife) and made from a half way decent steel(440C).

For the price (Retail $95), It's a decent knife. I would suggest an aftermarket kydex sheath, if you choose to carry it.

Hope this helps

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I did some checking into that knife too, and decided not to buy it. From a technical POV, the mini smatchet could be a perfect FB for self defense. The design lends itself perfectly for both cutting and thrusting. Only, I would prefer a symmetrical grind style, i.e. one 'line' down the middle of the blade as opposed to the current design. I think that this would improve the edge geometry for slicing.

But by far the biggest complaint I have is the sheath, this knife deserves a good kydex multi-carry sheath! All the other Boker applegate knives com with decent kydex sheaths, why not this one? Would that make this knife politically incorrect? I don't think so. Ofcourse you could get one from an aftermarket source.