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Boker Mini-Smatchet

Just rec'd a spring catalog from the Cutlery Shoppe and they feature a Mini-Smatchet by Boker.Nice looking knife, 4" double edged blade the handle same as the Applegate mini boot model. I had not heard anything about this item.Curious if anyone else has seen or handled one.
Oct 7, 1998
It looks like a nice little knife but when will Boker do it right and make an 8-12" bladed version?
Newt Liveasy (see at http://members.tripod.com/~Newt_Livesay/WASP.html) makes a 'Wasp Survival Machette', 1095, 17 1/2" long, $150 that's 'almost' a smatchet, just a little off-symmetrical. Give it a look. I have one of his 'RECON COMBAT MACHETTE', about the same size, and it's a real mean hunk of metal, well made, with the delicacy and finesse of your average anvil. But you're not nervous about whacking something with this, and when you whack it, it KNOWS it's been whacked some!

Cold Steel makes a similar knife called the PeaceKeeper. It is available in either Carbon V with the black epoxy coating (my favorite) or Aus8A stainless. Newt Livesay's products ARE fantastic. I highly recommend them. ALL of them.
How mini is mini? Ontario makes a mini smatchet of 1095 black coated steel for less than $50 retail. The "Broad Point Survival" sports a 6" blade.


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