Boker/Nealy ?

Oct 15, 1998
Anyone see the pic in the January '99 issue of Blade Magazine of the Boker/Nealy knife? I was thinking of buying a Pesh Kabz but the price was holding me back. This might be what I am looking for. Does anyone know when they'll be available? Any ideas of the quality of this knife?
Hi Chris,
although I can´t say anything for sure about the quality, I expect it to be at least on par with e.g. the A/F Combat Knifes if not better. Right now, this is only my best guestimate though since there are only a few people, who have handled them for real. I did a short summary on an articel in the German gun magazine Caliber in the past over at Knifeforums, maybe you would like to look it up.
I have one at order from Böker directly, but the anouncement for availability for October proofed hot air again (I talked to them on the phone yesterday) and one can expect a delivery not before November.
When I get mine I´ll post a review for sure.
Greetings Chris,

Right now, word on the release of the Boker Nealy is around late November to early December. I saw the prototype and it is a really nice compact fixed blade. Heck, I'm a folder fanatic, but I am seriously considering getting this knife, possibly for daily carry.

In terms of quality, it is definitely there. 440C blade with a G-10 handle, cocobolo is optional. The sheath is Nealy's MCS multi-position carry one. Hope this info helps!
Which Nealy knife is the Boker going to look like? Any idea of price. What are the specs? I vaguely remember the article but can't find it.

Thanks for any info.

The Specialist has a skeletonixed handle
and looks like an Aikuchi tanto with a finger depression for indexing and gripping grooves at the rear of the handle (for reverse grip)

Nice knife, great sheath.

Would have liked a tool steel, but what do I know?


Anthony P. Lombardo
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You can find pictures and specs. of the Nealy on Boker's homepage <a href="">here</a>.


The price from us is ATS 1295.-- for deliveries outside of the European Union are this approx. 95 US$ without transport.

The knives should be avaible soon. (the following week)


<a href="">Boker Nealy</a>