Boker Orion 2065 Question

Nov 26, 1999
I got a Boker Orion 2065 for Xmas, I noticed that it was kind of rough opening. Under closer inspection I noticed that there was no ball-bearing in the little hole on the liner(lock). I haven't been able to locate another 2065 to compare it to, but when I've found other knives in the same series, I noticed that they all have a smooth opening and have a ball-bearing on the liner lock. I then contacted BokerUSA and they said it was defective and to send it back for a replacement. I later recieved a note from Boker saying "THE 2065 ORION DOES NOT HAVE A BALL DETENT DUE TO THE LIGHTWEIGHT BLADE NOT REQUIRING ONE". Is this true? Can you owners of the Orion look at the liner and see if there is a ball-bearing that the blade rides on as it opens and closes or is there just a hole, and it rides kind of course/grity? I would like to believe that this awesome knife operates smoothly like a quality knife should. I would understand if there were at least some type of bushings, but straight liner metal to coated blade contact/friction/wear WOW! Please let me know what I should expect, those of you who have this knife.