Boker Orion

Nov 12, 1999
Hello all,

First -- an introduction. My name is Phil Reedy, and I just found this forum while researching my next couple of knife purchases. I have posted a few questions on the other forums, but I have one question that might fit this section a little more appropriately.
Does anyone have any comments or experience with the Boker Orion (or any other Boker Superliner)? This is the one with the crystalline titanium blade. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

Phil Reedy
Hey Phillip,
I have the boker stella,I bought it from
MJS knives,what a great knife!This is now my new daily carry.Its a very smooth opener,and lite in weight.I would say its one of my best cariers I have.Love it and dont think ill replace it with anything else.The stella replaced my K-bar D2 extreme.
I have a Boker Orion before me right now. Not a daily carry, not terribly practical, but fun. The lock up is not perfect, but it is acceptable for casual use. It sort of falls through a crack in my collection. It is not an elegant knife, like a W&H. It looks sort of tactical, in a sci-fi way. The blade is very neat, just sort of out of place in this design. So, if you want a toy to show off to the friends, for light use, and money is not tight, I recommend you get one. Otherwise look elsewhere.

I also own a Boker Orion and used it for a while to test its performence. It was not built to be used for daily chores. It gets dull very fast, but can be resharpened easily. A collectors knive. Maybe I'm going to buy a Boker Stellar with Manfred Sachse 300 layer Damascus blade. It was the Boker "Knife of the Year" 1998. Very nice!

If you're used to sharpening ATS 34, it should be much easier

Now, I need a help here: I bought one Boker about a year ago marked Limited 1 of 999. I didn't know that it was the Stellar (just browsed the KnifeCenter). Did they just came out with this name or what? I tried to find the word "Stellar" in the box, but couldn't find any. As I remember it, they didn't call it Stellar. Does anybody have a similar piece? What did they call it then?

Oh, and the box says it's model 2061 as opposed to Stellar's 2062.

Fayetteville, AR

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